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    drag0nfeathers wrote:

    OMG! SUSHI!!! :yum: nom nom nom!

    I love Phillyrolls, I know the tuna is usually smoked, but they are my absolute favorite!

    AUH!!! Now I want some *pout* A place just opened walking distance from me and it’s actually pretty good! I’ll have to grab some now tomorrow on my way home from work. 8)

    siberakh and I actually have gone there together once. It was delicious!

    Was that the place that was the old dance hall or something? They’re sushi was OM NOM NOM NOM! :yum:


    I also like sushi very much, but I´m vegetarian and in most places here in Germany the choices are sadly quite limited. So mostly I´m making it myself, takes time but is so much fun and so delicious!
    I absolutely love sushi with avocado! Unfortunately it seems that a lot of people here are totally crazy for sushi with cream cheese so that is what you get most at japanese/asian restaurants and I just don´t like it :~
    There are even a few restaurants that offer sushi filled with whipped cream and strawberries *shudder* Do you have them too?
    Also a very yummy combination: corn with mayonaise :love: The only place I found that was at a running sushi in Kyoto and it was simply delicious.


    I couldn’t stand the thought of eating raw fish until I got with Josh. He’s kind of back woods red-neck so it SHOCKED me when he said he liked sushi. I begrudgingly tried it and…kind of liked it at first and now I love it 🙂 My very favorite is the BBQ Eel. I also like tuna rolls. I’m still leery of trying rolls with weird looking sauces or mayo on them. Im not a sushi expert, but there is one kind where the meat is on top of the rice and tied to it with seaweed-a local place makes that kind with black pepper tuna so the outside is coated in delicious black pepper :love:

    There’s a place down the street called “Choo Choo-Moving Sushi Bar”. You walk in and sit at one of a few long tables. There’s a small conveyer belt that quietly snakes around the room. The food is on colored plates-and the color of the plate dictates the price. Green plates are $1.00 Pink plates are $1.50, orange plates are $2.00 and so on. You take what you like from the conveyer belt and when you’re done, the waitress adds up your plates and that’s your bill.

    Its a fun experience and its a very nice, clean place with a pleasant atmosphere.


    Oh my god, I am a huge Sushi fan. I love the Avocado Roll, the Temptation roll (if you like Spicy), California roll, Shrimp roll, pretty much any sushi I will try once if I can find a good sushi place in Texas.


    old thread but UE bumped it up so I’ll comment anyhoo…

    I love sushi! We have an awesome place that’s in easy walking distance that we end up for dinner at usually twice a week…

    before I met my husband, I was disgusted at the idea of sushi but he made me try it and yum! We usually eat the Alaska Roll, Philly, Catipiller or Lobster roll and the Shrimp Crunch!

    took us a bit of searching to find a place we loved, it seemed like it was either yucky(one place put a sugary sauce on everything), tasteless or the staff wouldn’t talk to us or even all of the above….but we found our current place we we moved close and won’t go elsewhere…the guy and his wife are nice, they talk to us and the sushi is soooooo good!

    Sitting Cat found! SOON!!!!! OMG YEY!


    I love sushi .<


    Hehe, why did I have to see this post when I’m already hungry? 🙂

    I *love* sushi, although since my hubby doesn’t like anything fishy I don’t have the chance to eat it that often. I’m getting him to ‘wade’ in though, little by little! My favorite go-to roll is the spider roll, which contains fried softshell crab, but I’m also a sucker for anything that has avacado and/or eel in it. Add in a big bowl of miso soup with lots of seaweed, and I’m a happy camper!

    On a side note, thank you Jennifer for posting that link! There are few businesses that I’ve found openly posting their seafood sources (sushi place or not), but I think that if enough people start asking businesses will be able to brag about having good sources and attract more customers for it. Very much like how cage-free chicken and grass-fed beef is all the rage now, as it should be!

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    Oh man! I’ve got to say I LOOOOVE eel sushi! I’m actually not a big fan of seafood, but I go nuts for eel. My favorite local sushi place has a roll called the golden dragon that I adore. It’s shrimp and asparagus tempura rolled up and covered in eel and fish roe. YUM! 😀


    Oh man you guys are making me miss eel sushi SO much!!

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    We love sushi, luckily for me we have an excellent sushi place here in Idaho of all places. They have all you can eat sushi for $18.95…we go as often as we can. Before we got on Weight watchers we could go through about 8 rolls between us, now we’re lucky if we finish 6, which makes it hard to choose. Cause we like more than just 6 of the choices…but we always get the Rocky Mountain, Orange Julius, Godzilla, & Hurricane, after that it is a vote for the last two. LOL!

    Anyway, yes definately sushi lovers over here, if anyone wants to visit, we’ll take ya there.



    I love sushi – my husband does not (anymore). Last couple of times he had it, he got food poisoning… and I got to take care of him. Not cool (being near people that are throwing up usually makes me do the same). I also got sick last time so I think I’m gonna swear off it. 🙁

    Though I could try some of the ones Jennifer suggested (mostly cooked or non fish) but I don’t know how to make sushi….


    I don’t love sushi, which is weird but it’s because I really haven’t seen any creative vegetarian sushi only veggie rolls, which makes no sense since it should be super easy. When I have more time, I want to make my own. I have a local store that sells “fish ham” which is a soy-fish like product I use for a tuNO casserole. That, shitake, and avocado sounds like heaven.

    Ohhh, but I do love Inari, the bean curd pouches that are sweet with rice inside? THOSE are amazing! It’s one of the only things I feel safe eating at a sushi place because I KNOW the vegetable tempura was fried in the same oil they used for the shrimp. ICCCKKKKKKK!


    Lovers? Haters? I have a craving for sushi tonight – California Rolls (I know, it’s cheating) and something with Salmon sounds really good.

    LOVE it, and I also love fake sushi/ sushi art! I have a collection of miniature plastic models of sushi and little sushi erasers and stuff like that.So cute.


    You ever make your own? It isn’t that hard, (specially if your husband does the work…)


    Lovers? Haters? I have a craving for sushi tonight – California Rolls (I know, it’s cheating) and something with Salmon sounds really good.

    LOVE it, and I also love fake sushi/ sushi art! I have a collection of miniature plastic models of sushi and little sushi erasers and stuff like that.So cute.

    I have seen those little plastic models of sushi made into earrings and necklaces. Weird but cute!

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