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      I send you hugs Stephanie! I’m sure Supai idolized you and is grateful for your decision. When my dear cat Sunny was put to sleep in 2011 after he had had a stroke, I unfortunately was unable to be present but my parents said that when they came home after work and took him to the vet to die, he purred all the way there and that he was purring as he passed away. I’m sure that Sunny was grateful for the end of his pain, like I’m sure Supai is. Sometimes I hear a jingle of a collar bell and I look around for my young cat Copernicus to see if he’s running about dingling only to realize realize that he’s laying beside me, fast asleep, quite unable to dingle for the moment. That’s when I know it’s Sunny, still here and still watching out for me, once more a happy, healthy cat.

      I bet Supai is still with you too.

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    Viewing 31 post (of 31 total)
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