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    In an effort to keep forum threads to 100 pages or less, let’s continue the discussion in a new thread, please!
    Here’s where we left off, last time, on “What’s Next”:

    Here’s a video on Facebook Melody posted of some baby unicorns:

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    There won’t be as many of these unis as there were of the horses. These are too time intensive to paint! I am only doing about 100. I hope to finish painting ’em today, so … maybe by the end of the week? but I never know. There are always invisible speed bumps.


    How many came out before, like 120 or 150? It would be nice if there were that many again. I am a little worried about there being more demand than supply since these haven’t come out for a few years.

    Looking for rainbow or pink & teal grab bags!


    Beautiful lil babeh unis! I’m going to skip this GB, but I’d love to see a whole batch of skyline/dusk/dawn tree-scape only unis in the future!

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    Oooooo I’m ready and waitin’!
    I’ve got some funds saved up just for these lil’ Guys….. 😀
    Now if I can be online at JUST the right time to snag one… *Crosses fingers, toes, eyes – yeah, I Can do that…* 🙂

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    There were different numbers in each edition I’ve done, but I usually aim for around 120.


    I am super excited for these guys. I’m selling a piece so I’ll be able to get one as long as I grab them when they show up. There are so many gorgeous unis in this batch.

    Seeking Test Paints & GBs ! Please get in touch if you'd trade/sell. I'll remove pieces from list by owner request
    ANY Red Eyed Unis
    ANY Test Paint Bat
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    Youngs- Tain
    Male- Snow Leopard TP
    Mother: Okapi
    Gothic - Mahogany
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    DRAGONS: Male Coyote


    I don’t think I will be able to avoid them either. 🙂 I love love love the ones with blue, of course…

    Love baby kirins, safari poads, mini keepers, and anything BLUE, BLUE, and, oh yes, BLUE.


    Hi Melody!!!

    When can we be seeing some new Adult Poads???
    Will there be any non GB poads we can purchase???
    Thank You,


    Any ETA on the Baby Unicorns?

    Life is beautiful.


    This seems like a silly question but when choosing eyes or gems for the grab bag unicorns, is it randomn or are they chosen to match or compliment the pattern?


    I do not think the color is random. Years ago Windstone livestreamed a session where the baby unicorns, I think it was, got their eyes with the forum making suggestions as we watched. I noticed at the time that there were a wide variety in taste when it came to eye color (although just about everyone loved the Zombie eyes?). Now, I am sure someone at the plant with a good sense of color makes the decision.


    It is usually matching colors, but whatever looks best. Sometimes bright orange eyes look good in a blue creature.The colors are carefully chosen.


    OK, I was just wondering when I was dusting looking at the colors and the patterns painted on them.

    Are the babies coming out possibly today or sometimes next week…if not I can stop checking my emails =D


    More pictures of the babies on Facebook, they are amazing! Wowza! Just beautiful! Best baby unicorns yet…although some of the safari ones were awesome too.

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