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      Hello! I wanted to put this up, just in case there was some interest =) I’m open for commissions to draw, color, or paint a PYO that you desire! I’m also quite able to make a print of anything you see below and want a copy of. I’m flexible on pricing, just PM me and we can discuss =)

      I’d like to use paypal, but trading Windstones is always a viable option!

      All prices are for a standard 8 X 11. Larger sizes will have the price increase. I’m also willing to haggle on prices.

      Pencil: $20

      Colored Pencil: $30

      Light Ink: $25

      Detailed Ink: $40

      Light Digital Coloring: $30

      Full Digital Coloring: $50

      Fire Painting: $45

      For my PYOs, please see http://windstoneeditions.com/category/image-galleries/paint-your-own-gallery/sirithiliel . Hopefully that link will work. I can replicate any of those colors, or do whatever else you might want. Prices will vary depending on statue =)


        Very nice I especially like the mermaids and octopus with puppet lol 🙂


          WOW! You did all of those?? The digital paintings are gorgeous! I love the dragon and the koi too.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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