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      Had a scary experience yesterday. I was getting ready to take a shower and I noticed some flashes of light around the edges of my vision on my right eye. I get in the shower and started washing my hair when I saw these black spots–looked like ink–come into my range of vision and grow to look like a blob. They dissipated and I could see scattered black dots and clumps of hair-like strands across my range of vision. I was scared–know this isn’t suppose to be.

      When I get out of the shower, I’m calling my medical provider–most insurance companies have 24 hour advice nurses that can make appointments for you or suggest a visit to the emergency room. They asked me questions like if I’m seeing double or have any pain or severe headache. They may be thinking I was having a stroke–my neighbor thought I was having one. I didn’t have any pain, didn’t see double and there was no headache.

      I did get an appointment that afternoon to get this checked. The doctor examined this eye and looked at it from all angles. From what she told me is that over time [as we age] the gel-filled ball behind the eye–called the vitreous humor–shrinks and pulls on the retina, which is attached to the vitreous. This can leave a space where floaters come into being. As we age, we do see floaters and those who are nearsighted are most likely to get them. They are usually benign but when accompanied by flashes of light and new floaters, could be cause of concern. She said that the concern would be if the vitreous pulled hard enough on the retina, it could cause a tear–something very serious.

      After examining my eye she didn’t see a tear and said that the flashes and floaters I’m currently seeing now will go away. She did set up another appointment next Friday to re-examine and make sure everything is still okay. If I do experience new flashes and new black floaters, I need to let them know. One thing that hasn’t happened is that a ‘curtain’ comes over my field of vision. She described it as a darkness that would cover the eye and would be very hard to see through.

      Until my next appointment, she doesn’t want me to do anything high impact so my martial arts classes have to be put on hold until then. I’m hoping I can resume them–would be a shame to do something healthful for yourself and then have to quit, but my eyes are important.

      I still see some flashes and get floaters the size of a pinpoint that quickly dissipate. It’s been less than 24 hours since this started and will take time to go away–I can only hope. This has been a scary, scary experience for me.

      Could use some positive thoughts–thanks everyone!


      Well the only thing I could think of as wierd as this sounds, would be a seizure of the eye. I came across it in my research. It could simply just be a nerve connection issue. thats one thing I’ve heard of anyways..Sorry I am not much help..

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        Well it’s good news the doctor seemed to have a good explanation for it- to me it’s more terrifying not having any idea what’s going on with something. I hope they’re regular floaters that will pass and that it doesn’t end up turning into a tear of the retina or anything. Wishing you much luck!

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          That would be concerning but hope your eye and everything will be okay!

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