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    It is with great sadness, I announce the passing of Cookie our Siamese rescue kitty who passed away last Fri. She was a very sweet kitty and will be missed. For those of you who were around 2 years ago that might remember, this was the original thread I posted about her and her story if you want to read it again and see her pictures.

    We took her in when we found her as a pregnant stray in our backyard a couple years ago and she had 4 beautiful kittens. We kept one brown tabby kitten and before we could get her spayed she ended up having two more litters of all Siamese kittens. We ended up moving about 3 times since we took her in so life was hectic and she got out a couple times and met another stray Siamese male in our new area before we could take her in to get spayed. I didn’t end up posting pictures of the other litters but we ended up keeping two Siamese kittens from those as well. So we still have 3 of her kittens plus another unrelated cat we have had a few years now.

    So when she finally did get her spayed about a year ago (along with her kittens), she started ballooning in weight which we thought was strange but I found out later can be a side effect from getting spayed. I was concerned but tried to limit her food and let her outside a lot to get exercise in the yard. She was fine otherwise up until last Thurs. night when she was just laying on the floor breathing really heavy. I didn’t know what to do and called a few vets nearby but no one could take her as they were booked up with appointments. The one vet told me to watch her overnight and bring her in in the morning. I told them I didn’t know if she would make it overnight but they said they didn’t have time to see her. I got up Fri. morning to get ready to go camping with a friend over the weekend and she was already gone. I felt so terrible. It was so sudden but I think it might have been heart failure from her weight or something along those lines. I had to leave to go camping but was thinking about her all weekend and all our memories. I am grateful we had her for the time we did and that I still have her kittens to remind me of her but I am am still a bit in shock that’s she’s gone.

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    Awe, sorry to hear about her passing Kim. Its always tough.

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    So sorry to hear this Kim. Keeping the kittens of hers that you have is a good way to honor her memory and I am sure she appreciated her life with you even with all the moves.

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    So sorry for your loss of Cookie – I know she’ll be greatly missed.

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    Sorry for your loss. Very sad when they have to leave too soon. 🙁


    Hi Kim,
    Words cannot express how sorry I am for your loss.
    It is so difficult to lose an animal companion; whom I have no doubt you loved so much.
    The kindness in your heart for rescuing her shows what a compassionate heart that you have; Cookie was so fortunate to have your care as well as your love.
    Would it be OK if I said some prayers for you??
    If you want to talk, please feel free to PM or email me or please let me know if I can help you or your family in any way.
    What has helped my grief ( lost my Blue Merle Australian Shepherd age 13 on May 22 this year ) is to chose a happy thought memory..gee have so many …he would not swim, but if he was not getting enough attention he would walk down my pool steps and stand in the water mid chest level until I acknowledged him AND got his ball or Frisbee !!!
    Most Sincerely,

    Most Sincerely,


    So Sorry for your loss.

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    There is always a risk with any surgery, but it’s the one we always take to make a life better than it was, though I wonder if the surgeon knew what they were doing. I’d almost recommend seeing someone else for the other kitties, but it can be hard to find a good vet, and I won’t pretend to know them. She was a beautiful kitty and I’m sure she loved the life she got.


    So very sorry for your loss. 🙁

    Celestial Rainstorm

    I am so incredibly sorry about this. I know how incredibly hard it is to lose such a beloved companion. I am quite sure you were a simply amazing caretaker.

    Finding happiness again.


    Thank you everyone! It’s still hard to think about but she did have a full happy life with us and her kittens at least.

    Looking for rainbow or pink & teal grab bags!


    I just saw this, so sorry, Kim.

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