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      We aren’t sure how we will announce each sculpture as it becomes available in Brimstone. There has been a lot of variation in how we introduce new things into our webstore because we are trying to avoid having it crash when everyone receives the information at once. Some of the new things we’ve introduced recently we’ve had only a few of (for example, only a few of the Wizard Cat in Copper Patina) and we don’t want to excite all of our email announcement “mailing list” with an announcement when that is all there is for possibly years to come. I am not sure how each addition of Brimstone will be handled. We may be just popping them into the store as they become available due to the holiday shopping season sneaking up fast! We know that folks like to shop early and this year the USPS mail that many people are choosing may take longer than usual to reach its destination (I advise early shopping).

      Plans are made for all of the dragon family to be made in Brimstone. The ones that are the farthest off are the Emperor and the Scratching as these sculptures are on hold for technical reasons. We are trying to make fair sized introductory batches of Brimstone however we may sell out quickly and you will need to join the waitlist for sold out pieces. I suggest keeping an eye on the store section of our website Forum (did you know you can “subscribe” to the different parts of our Forum to receive an email when a new topic is added? ) and our Facebook pages for announcements – we will also most likely do more email newsletters on them too, but not one for each sculpture. I’m sorry its not super simple!

      Linda Watson

        Great information – thank you!

        Linda Watson Gresham


          So thorough! Thank you. This just sifts out the casual collector from the true obsessive, compulsive, tenacious, (*cough*… me) collectors. ha ha

          Do the right thing, when no one is looking...♥


          Thank you for the info Susie! I’ll be patiently waiting for Brimstone bantams, curled, and both coiled dragons. However long they may take 😊

          My most wanted list: Peacock kitty wizard, carnelian mouse wizard, copper patina frog wizard, autumn leaf poads, pumpkin spice kitties


            I’d like to add that I’ve had people ask about the upcoming Grab Bag. We do not have a waiting list for it yet and there is no way I can keep track of people who want to be on that waiting list and are concerned that they may not be able to get onto it (traveling, internet problems, etc). When the Grab Bag is ready to be ready we will be sending an email announcement with instructions for joining the waiting list for the Grab Bag. It will work differently from our usual website based waiting list because the last time we had so much trouble with the site crashing while people tried to join the list. Melody is still painting those little cuties and its not happening just yet! Be sure you are subscribed to the newsletter (that purple subscribe button on our home page – if you aren’t sure – press it and answer the questions and if you are already on it, it will tell you – if you aren’t, it will add you).


              I want a curlie! I have been waiting on a reddish curled for years so I hope I don’t miss these when released.😁 Brimstone is a very nice combo.

              Every act matters.No matter how small💞
              (Wanted......Brimstone Lap)
              Male Hearth....one day🤞Dream on.


                I want an old warrior. Such a beautiful color.

                I love Halloween 🎃 and other spooky things. Bats, cats, ghosts , and monsters. I love 💕 to write stories and draw.


                  I am SO excited for a scratching AND a keeper in Brimstone. That would be amazing. I’m almost glad it might take a while, I need to save up! Haha

                  Grail: Poad (achievement unlocked!) Am now on the hunt for almost any color scratching dragon

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