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      Today we did a “normal” restock of the Copper Patina Female and Male Griffins in the “version 2” where emails are sent to those on the waitlist and they are sold first come, first served. Both are small batches. If they sell out before you get one, please join the waitlist again. The page for “version one” has been removed from our webstore as its doubtful we’ll do that one again in the future. I am sorry we cannot do the Password Protected restocks for everything we restock – those are quite time consuming on our end. We will do them when they seem right for the situation.

      Currently the items that are hidden while we offer them in Password Protected form to their waitlists are: The Lap Dragon in Emerald Peacock and in Tanzanite, The Rising Spectral Dragon in Copper Patina, The Secret Keeper dragon in Silver (both versions), and the two recent Grab Bag items – the Pumpkin Spice Pebble Wolf and the Wild Dog Mother Hippogriff.


        Had them in my cart and I really wanted to get them but I’m trying to wait for an ebay pretty and need all the funds I can save LOL!

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