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      Quest 5 will be a photo contest. Willing naturalists will need to capture fuzzies (both wild and domesticated) in their natural environments.
      Pictures should not contain any text (images only). You may submit up to 3 entries.

      This quest is open to all registered Windstone forum members, regardless of where you live.

      You do have a distinct advantage if you know what a Fuzzy is.

      The Windstone staff will select the best 15 photos from among these entries. We will post these 15 finalists on the forum for you to vote on them.
      (we will chose only one photo from each person for the final 15, to be fair )
      The photo with the highest number of votes will win! We’ll also have 2nd and 3rd place prizes.

      Contest starts today, 4/2 and entries will be accepted until 4/15 at 11 am.

      Voting will take place from 4/30 until 5/4.

      Image criteria:

      1. Originality: The more unique the photo, the better = 15%

      2. Technical execution: Focus, exposure, and digital quality are important = 15%

      3. Visual impact: Look for compelling subject matter and great composition and lighting = 20%

      4. Relevance: Photos should be relevant to the theme, “Fuzzies in their Natural Habitats.” = 50%

      Good hunting!


        And for the boring L’eagle stuff:

        Please submit all entries to Ayonah’s email address as attachments with the subject line: Fuzzy Photo Contest Entry

        Make sure you include your forum name in the entry email or I won’t know who entered.

        DO NOT post entries to the forum OR send to Ayonah or I via PM.

        Ayonah or I will respond to all submissions with confirmation emails so you know we got them. πŸ™‚

        All entries will be posted for voting anonymously without your name attached. Winning names will be revealed at the end of the contest after voting is complete.

        All forum members who have reached the age of majority may participate. If you are below the age of majority, you need a parent or guardian’s permission to enter.

        There will be three prizes:

        First Prize – Male Kirin Painted by P.S.

        Second Prize – Young Unicorn painted by Melody

        Third Prize – Pebble critter painted by Melody

        Please let me or Ayonah know if you have any questions.

        Terms and conditions are posted here: http://windstoneeditions.com/content/terms-and-conditions


          As a clarification – you may capture (i.e. make) your own fuzzy – it does not have to be a fuzzy that came from Windstone.

          Fuzzies are naturally occurring in the wild as well and may be hiding disguised as caterpillars, plants, bath mats, or in other every day items.

          See the fuzzy forum for more information.

          Here are some helpful threads:

          Feral Fuzzies – http://windstoneeditions.com/forum/feral-fuzzies
          Fuzzy History – http://windstoneeditions.com/forum/natural-history-fuzzy-part-1

          Happy Fuzzy Hunting!


            OOOO! Finaly something to do with this over sized fuzzy collection :3 This is going to be fun!


              Are only fuzzies allowed, or can we have windstones in the picture too?

              Thanks, sounds like fun! πŸ˜€


                You can have a Windstone in the photo, but the internal judging will focus on the fuzzy. I can’t tell you what the voters will look at πŸ™‚


                  I’m really excited about this quest! With Spring here, it’s going to give us a bunch of great photo opportunities! πŸ˜€


                    Can we get the email address, please?

                    Life is beautiful.


                        His email is ayonah@windstoneeditions.com


                        Life is beautiful.


                          Just a reminder, entries need to be in on 4/15 by 11 am PT. We’ve only gotten one entry so far, so get your photos in! πŸ™‚


                            I have a bunch of photos, just trying to decide which 3 I want to send in… πŸ˜›


                              And I finally got an idea for a pic…

                              Read my books! Volume 1 and 2 of A Dragon Medley are available now.
                              I host the feedback lists, which are maintained by drag0nfeathers.


                                This is an awesome quest and even though school work is trying to kill me, and I am sooooo participating in this one. I just need to set up one more picture, then pick which ones out of all the different shots I have that I want to submit. I do hope “natural” habitat can be taken quite loosely. After all, who knows what fuzzies get up to when people aren’t around…


                                  I’ve gotten a few more, but not a ton. If you have sent yours in and haven’t gotten an email confirmation, please let me know! I’ve responded to everyone whose photos I’ve received!

                                  Hope to see your entries!

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