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    I just happened to come across these somewhat comical posts relating to proper grammar and spelling and wanted to share the links. I am not perfect myself but I am a writer. When I see common mistakes especially relating to things like proper use of apostrophes, I try to hold back from pointing anything out; although I sometimes secretly wish I could edit everything I read.

    With that said, for those of you on here who love apostrophes; remember that if you are writing anything in plural form that you do not use apostrophes. (e.g. I love those two dragons. Not, I love those two dragon’s.) You would only use an apostrophe if you are talking about a dragon possessing something. (e.g. I love that dragon’s wings!) If you are talking about multiple dragons possessing something, then you would use an apostrophe after the s. (e.g. I love all of the dragons’ pretty colours and patterns.)

    Next time you see someone using excessive apostrophes or incorrect spelling for common words, send them these links.

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    LOLOL,I had a good laugh on this one Kim.LOLOL You are so correct.I screw up at times but I just hate the way people spell people ppl. 😀

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    All of those were hilarious! 🙂 Thanks for the education; since I don’t use i.e. or e.g. in my novels, I’d never learned the proper usage for them.


    The Oatmeal is my all time favorite online comic. The subject matter may be very random, but I love their work. 😀

    I love their ‘Endangered Animals’ strip, and also the one they did on ‘Mantis Shrimp’.

    Mantis Shrimp strip

    Endangered Animals

    Actually….given the nature of pinterest…I’m not entirely sure he did the endangered animals strip…..but, it’s a good one anyway.


    These are great. thanks for sharing.

    Now, if we could just get people to stop overusing and mis-using the exclamation point.

    Life is beautiful.


    Hmmm…Misuse of apostroph’s. I agree its a problem. Maybe we should all try harder and stop using so many spell check’s.

    **giggles deviously**


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    lol! I don’t feel a rabid urge to correct spelling most of the time here, (one small extra reason besides the wonderful people that makes this forum awesome) but often on deviantART and facebook I am often in mental agony because of the lack of spelling and yes, the poor use of apostrophes! Text message speech is NOT appropriate online! (And not really appropriate in texts either in my mind, but I am a bit of a grammar nazi though I’m not perfect either.) I believe English should be written like English or the next generation is going to find it quite hard to understand most of us in our writings. I mean, everyone learns it in elementary school, so nobody really (unless English isn’t their first language) has an excuse to write text jargon instead of intelligible English. (And a lot of the people online whose first language is not English write it more beautifully than some people for whom it is!)

    Also, commas… though I feel you need to develop a sort of instinct for where to plug those. It takes a tiny bit of finesse.

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    I like to use them!!!!!!LOLOL

    May this New Year be the best year of our lives!
    (Wanted-safari (pref.tiger) baby unicorn)


    These are great. thanks for sharing.

    Now, if we could just get people to stop overusing and mis-using the exclamation point.

    How, should “we” go about doing…..this???????????? :~ (Hee,Hee) 😉


    Now, if we could just get people to stop overusing and mis-using the exclamation point.

    But why! It’s so awesome!!!


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    The apostrophe one is a good one! (I feel like maybe it should have an “except for its/it’s; see below” mention on the initial ‘possessive’ explanation, but ehh.)

    The thing that really…gets to me…is the kind of person who…seems to think…that ellipses are…interchangeable with spaces…and commas and semicolons…and end punctuation…

    *makes a face* They’re thankfully not as common as the lets’ throw apostrophe’s into this sentence’s at random people, but they’re even more annoying when you do find one, because it’s impossible not to hear all of their text in the weird, dragging way that their punctuation implies!

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    Is That what those little …s are called? Ellipses? 🙂
    I did not know that.

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    My youngest grandson demonstrating proper use of an apostrophe. Five months old and already a Ladies’ Man. 😉


    Nice one! Haha!

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