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      Awesome! Thanks for the info PC 🙂 I just placed an order XD

      Commission spots are currently closed! Please message me for details.
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        Ok…..I decided to also add the scent ‘Honeysuckle Garland’ to the list of scents being discontinued for the spring/summer season.

        I went to my office and laid out all items in those scents, and rather than hope that such a motley collection of butters, solid perfumes, and various soap sizes will sell in the next couple weeks, I’ve decided to do a sale of sorts to ensure that they all get enjoyed. I really dont like storing this sort of thing, I prefer batches be made as fresh as possible, with short storage times.

        I have made up little ‘care packages’ featuring all five of the soon to be discontinued scents. They are:

        Summer Champagne
        Honeysuckle Garland
        Moonlight Mojito
        Orange Creamsicle
        Eternal Lilac

        Each package has a body butter, at least two full size soap bars, one slim cut soap bar, a sampler size butter, and 2-3 sample sized soaps. I had enough solid perfumes to put one of those in every package except one, but that oddball pack got an extra full size bar of soap, and an extra butter sampler to make up the difference.

        When I counted it all up that’s about $30 worth of items in each package, and I’d like to sell them for $25 each. I’m only going to charge $4 for shipping for each package, even though I know it costs more to ship that weight, increasing the overall savings.

        In the end I had enough for 7 of these packages. Here is a link to their listing–



          Placed an order. 🙂


            Formal words:
            Here on the forums and Windstone site we have a rule against product promotion (other than those specifically approved by Windstone as relevant to the forum or decoration of PYOs). After careful consideration by some of the staff (read: not just me!) it’s been decided that this thread, while it did not start that way, evolved into what is essentially a promotional thread, which is against these rules.

            Not so formal words:
            I know that this is all in fun, and that we are all friends here. PC has made a really cool product and is selling it to support herself and her family, which is admirable. It’s really hard to do in this economy! I know all about that. That said, this type of thing really is better suited as a direct communication between interested parties (us and others) and the seller through a format such as personal blogs, mailing lists, a forum dedicated to such, or even the various Etsy forums or plethora of craft/handmade beauty good communities out there. I know that this thread started out as a way to talk to friends and get feedback on a product, and I know that still goes on– but you really really have to try and look at it through Windstone’s eyes (especially the last page or so) and their goal not to allow promotion of non-products on the Windstone forum. We, especially not I nor the other artists at Windstone, are trying to put PC down or discourage her from selling. I think it’s great that she is making sales (Go PC!)– but– this is simply not the place.

            If you have any questions, you can contact me or John about this. Again we are not trying to be stuffy jerks here… and this was not a decision made casually– we are just trying to uphold our rules for everyone so that the playing field is even. If you are ever unclear you are welcome to check the rules pertaining to this. The rules about promotion have been in place since 2007. http://www.windstoneeditions.com/forum/please-read-guidelines-using-flea-market

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