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      A newsletter announcement went out yesterday, November 3rd, about the Raffle. If you did not receive it in your email, please re-subscribe to our newsletter announcements. Some kind of glitch occurred (I’m not exactly sure when) that caused some accidental un-subscribing to occur. We apologize! We were unaware that this was happening – we think the glitch is fixed now.

      If you try to re-subscribe and are already subscribed, when you get all the way through the application for the newsletter, (be patient and keep filling it out), it will indicate in small red letters that your email address is already subscribed. If it says you are already subscribed and did not get the last newsletter and it is not in your junk mail, please let me know and we’ll have our newsletter expert look into it. email me at

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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