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      I just got a paint your own! Super excited! I chose the kitty griffin because it looks really cute. Although I’m no professional artist, I think I might do okay. Any advice is welcome, though! I would love a few extra tips and tricks.

      I do have a question: Should I buy mixing medium to thin my Liquitex Basics acrylic, or will water do the trick? If I buy mixing medium, is there a particular brand to get?

      I know there’s a products list out there but I think this question is a little specific. There are a lot of experienced painters on this forum and I hope they don’t mind me asking a little help πŸ˜‰

      Well, wish me luck!

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        I find that so long as you’re only thinning it a little bit, water works just fine. If you’re thinning it a lot, I’d go for the medium. Although I don’t use the liquitex, so I have no mental image of how thick they are to begin with. I work mostly with brands that already come pretty thin.


          I use liquitex basics acrylic paints as well, and it is quite thick. I would recommend Golden GAC-100, Multi-purpose Acrylic Polymer, as a mixing medium. I find it works great ! I was told one shouldnt use water as it may eventually cause the paint to flake when the piece becomes older. But its your choice in the end πŸ˜‰ Im only a beginner myself πŸ™‚


            The medium I use is Golden Acrylic Glazing Liquid in Satin or Gloss. It says on it that is extends the working time of acrylic paints and makes them nice and smooth and a bit thinner. I haven’t used water or other thinners myself as I find this works great for me. I also read not to use water as I didn’t want to affect the quality of the paints now or in the future. I guess it depends on how thick your paints are as I use various brands that already seem thin enough and I don’t like them too thin because I only paint 2-4 layers of paint and don’t want to have to paint more or get the paint too thick on parts.

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              I use the Liquitex Basics paints too and have great luck with the Liquitex Irridesent Medium, if you wish the paint to have some shine to it. The Golden Medium (GAG-100) mentioned in other posts works great as well, although I’ve only found it online not at a store.
              Good Luck! πŸ™‚

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                I’ve used thinners, but I tend to use water. I haven’t had a PYO flake out on me, and my oldest one dates from 2006. Mind you, I think water will break down the paint only if you dilute it until it’s almost watery.

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                  Wow, thanks for all the advice everyone! I think I’ll use the medium just to be safe. I’ll see if I can get it at a local art supplier.

                  [i]Keeping an eye out for fantasy gryphons and test paint dragons.[/i]


                    I’ve never used a medium with my paints. I find that having a bit of water on your brush is just fine to “thin” out some of the paint, though I never use water to directly mix into the paints.

                    I would recommend checking out Golden Retarder – using some of this in your paint thins them out a bit, and also makes acrylics last a bit longer (their drying time is extended). If you’re like me and think you may put your paints away for a day or two before continuing work on a PYO, retarders will be your best friend!

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                      I’ve bought mediums but honestly saw no point, water works even better, if you even find yourself having to thin the paint. Save your money (and sanity) for the paints themselves, I reckon. I rarely had to thin my paint. I do keep a lot of paper towels on hand though, and regularly clean out my brushes every fifteen minutes or so.

                      Do you have several different shaped and sized paint brushes? I found it easier to have 2-3 of each type in a carousel, to cycle through, especially when you’ve got a dozen or more colours going on πŸ™‚ It cuts down so much on time cleaning the one brush, as well as prevent panic attacks when you’vd made a mistake and urgently need to patch up an error.

                      I also used a Wilton cake turner as it made it ao easy to turn the statue without having to touch it, as well as elevating it to a better height. I like the Wilton as it had a rubber ring that helped grip the statue, and the lock lets you stop it from turning.

                      I started with DecoArt Americana, but moved onto Golden and never looked back!

                      I also strongly recommend testing paints, and colours on top of colours, on the bottom where you stick the felt pad on, if you cannot get a Muse to test paint on. I found that some colours can be horrible when overlayed another colour, the hard way.

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