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      Chances are high that my husband will have a job transfer to Germany soon where we will stay for 3-4 years.
      (I tried to search for this topic in the forum but no luck!)

      My question is…what do I do with my beloved Windstones? The company will be paying for all moving expenses overseas, and we probably will not be coming back to Alaska after. I could stow them in my in-laws basement while I’m gone (they also live in AK), but my concern is having to worry about them shipping everything back to me when we arrive back in the U.S. (We are thinking Colorado)
      I have all the original boxes except for about 3 pieces.
      Should I bite the bullet and just take them with me to Germany?
      Thanks for your opinions and thoughts in advance!


      Take your absolute favorites you would miss seeing every day and store and/or sell the rest. Congrats on the move! Sounds exciting!!


        I would also say only take a few pieces and store the rest.

        As for recovering them once you get back, could it be done a few at a time, when you go for a visit?


          What if you love Germany so much you want to stay there, though?

          Mind you, I don’t trust my in-laws to store anything for me, and with my dad being ill, I don’t know what would happen to my Windstones if they were stored at my parents, so I would take them with me…

          The reasonable and logical solution is what everyone else said – take a few πŸ™‚

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            I also think itΒ΄s best to take the ones you like most with you and pack the rest so well, that whoever ships them to you only has to write the adress on it. Then you know it will arrive safely πŸ™‚

            And YAY! Maybe finally another collector in my country πŸ™‚
            Do you already know where you will be living if it happens? IΒ΄m in Munich. But maybe we could meet someday when all works out and you are settled in.
            And if you need any help or advise, just let me know, ok?


              Like others have said, take your absolute favorites with you and store the rest. Since you have the original boxes, this makes things much easier. The 3 you don’t have the original packaging for, just be sure to pack them really well (I have a number of pieces that never came with their original boxes, either second hand or from stores that never keep them due to the space they take up. I just packed them up really well and have never had a problem with them, and some are the more problematic pieces in regards to breakage.). I’ve had pieces in boxes long term due to moving/post college/moving again/awaiting shelving. As long as they are well packed and you have a safe place to store them, no reason to sell them if you don’t want to. They’ll be safe when you return (and it will be like Christmas/rediscovering old friends when you do!).

              If you find that you will be in Germany longer or decide to stay, you can most certainly have a few more pieces, or the whole collection, shipped to you later if you wanted. For any pieces you decide not to take with you, I would suggest taking photos of them and having them printed out. That way, aside from the digital photos on your computer, even if you can’t see them every day in person, you could have their photos out and maybe swap them periodically on your shelves, or even in a small flip photo album. πŸ™‚ You could take photos in groups even, like all your little poads in a clutter, or my ‘ruby dragon family’ (just used as examples… I don’t know what you own :P). It actually would be a good idea for insurance reasons as well. πŸ™‚

              Where in Germany are you moving to? Southern Germany is absolutely lovely!

              Mercury Star

                You can leave them with me! πŸ˜€

                Haha, all kidding aside, I am going to echo what other people have said. Take some of your favorites, and have the other ones stored. Maybe have a few other ones shipped to you when you feel you are ready for them, or pick a few up here and there when (if) you visit your parents.

                Good luck!


                  Thank you all! That’s great advice! I will take a few with me!!
                  We will be moving around Mannheim, I believe. My husband was never in the military but he is a DOD employee, so we shouldn’t be there longer than 3 years.
                  Moonbeam, we should definitely meet up if this all goes through! I’m sure I’ll have a ton of questions! Trying out Rosetta Stone so I can pick up some German before we go!


                    Good luck Briteblades! πŸ˜€

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                      Wow, Germany! How exciting (and scary)! I wish you all the best. When I was in first grade my best friend moved to Germany through the military and we remained pen pals for many years. πŸ™‚ Glad there’s internet now, though!

                      Let me know how that Rosetta Stone thing works out for you. I need to learn Spanish.

                      Oh, I guess I’m supposed to give my opinion….but it’s probably not going to be popular. ****ducks and runs**** I do need a bit more information, though. When you say the company is paying for moving expenses, are you taking your furniture, or are you having your furniture stored in a storage space? If you are already renting a storage space, I would store the majority of the collection there (barring the ones I took with me).


                      If you are going to be gone 3-4 years….the price to store your WS in a storage unit could far outweigh replacement costs on these pieces. Then, you still would have to get them from Alaska to ? (Colorado??). You could do it piecemeal, but then you are STILL paying the fee for the storage unit in the interim.

                      You’re gonna hate me, but I would probably sell all that I just couldn’t part with, and take the rest with me. My relationship with me in-laws is such that my pieces would be sold before my plane arrived in Germany, unfortunately. BUT, if I had the choice to leave the pieces with MY mother (or had a completely different relationship with my in-laws) then I would feel safe leaving my collection with her. I have no idea how many pieces we are talking about here, but since the question has been posed I have been trying to think what I would do with mine if I were in your situation.

                      Good luck and let us know what you decide. πŸ™‚


                        We will be moving around Mannheim, I believe. My husband was never in the military but he is a DOD employee, so we shouldn’t be there longer than 3 years.
                        Moonbeam, we should definitely meet up if this all goes through! I’m sure I’ll have a ton of questions! Trying out Rosetta Stone so I can pick up some German before we go!

                        Wow, Mannheim sure is not too far away from me! Maybe 3 hours by car? I really hope you will be coming πŸ™‚
                        A friend of mine tried learning japanese with Rosetta Stone and said it was quite good, so I hope it makes german equally easy to learn! If you ever want to practice anything, you know where to find me πŸ™‚

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