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    Long time no post! I’ve been busy but I have still found time for a few paints.

    This one was a semi artistic-liberty commission. I call her “Glacier.”


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    This one is called “Serene.” She was a gift for a friend. Who has been helping me through a lot of tough times. My friend loves Kitsune and these colors. I tried color shift paint on her and it was super fun!

    I should note I’ve recently switched to doing all bristle-brush painting and it’s been really refreshing. It takes longer which has increased my pricing, but it’s loads of fun and I really like the outcome. I think it gives a lot more depth.


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    If you follow Windstone on social media, this little guy might look familiar. This is Caspian! He got featured on their social media recently. A lovely little friend. Making the gradient was extra fun.

    He already has a home, but I am available for commissions! Info below the pic!


    These are the PYOs I have on hand and info on commissions. If you’re interested, please read all terms and then email me at (I don’t always log in here super frequently so I may not see DMs)!

    Prices for on-hand PYOs:
    Kitty Griffin (2x with dark brown eyes): $175
    Phoenix (2x): $225
    Dragon, small (dark green eyes and olivine gem): $245
    Hippocampus (dark red eyes and light siam gems): $375
    Rock Dragon (light green eyes): $385
    Oriental Dragon (pink eyes): $425
    Keeper Dragon (x2): $500

    Note: I am also happy to do commissions on any other in-stock PYOs from the shop. However, please be ready to communicate and pay quickly as we don’t want your chosen sculpt to end up sold out. Email me for pricing.

    – I take payment up front for anything under $300. For anything higher, I take half up front and half plus shipping upon completion. I ONLY do Square invoice. This lets you pay with card or ACH, no account necessary.
    – I will bill shipping after your piece is completed and approved to ensure that the fairest price is paid for both of us. I offer USPS and UPS. Everything goes in its original box plus an exterior box, insured and tracked. You may request signature confirmation at additional cost.
    – Turnaround from start to finish varies from 1-3 months depending on the sculpt and complexity and will be affected by any projects ahead of yours. I will discuss this with you when you contact me and before you pay.
    – I will do my best to make you happy with the work you have ordered within reason and I will put every ounce of effort into each piece. However, heavy revisions may result in an excess charge. I will not refund for simply not liking how something came out, but I have no problems with people reselling a commissioned piece once they receive it.
    – I haven’t had to exercise this yet, but: I reserve the right to cancel and issue a full refund if I feel that we are not working together in our client/artist relationship. I do my best to please people, but I cannot please everyone. I want you to get something you’re happy with, and if I can’t give that to you, I won’t take your money.

    What starting price gets you, Artistic Liberty:
    – You give me a simple prompt/theme (ex: “glam” or “winter”) OR a few general color choices (orange and purple!) OR tell me a few colors/something else you absolutely do not want (no yellow, no metallics)
    – I will send WIP pictures through my process. The look changes as layers are built, but these will be your chance to ask questions and give feedback.
    – I will make minor changes to what I have done (such as add small highlights etc).
    – I will NOT make huge changes (like repainting entire areas or changing the entire palette).

    More complex levels:

    – High Custom: Send me a mood board, an inspiration photo, or something else really to give the distinct impression of (ex: make it sprinkle donut themed or make a blue jay griffin). You will have a chance to add a bit more feedback and request a bit more in the way of changes. This gives you more specific input on color palette.

    – Artistic Vision: You have a very exact idea what you want. A specific character (yours or someone else’s), a particular species or breed recreation, or a pet for instance. Or you just want a SUPER huge load of detail on one of the other two levels (ex: you want a rainbow zebra pattern). For this I usually require clear image references of the inspiration to ensure it’s as accurate to your vision as possible. I may also decline this type of commission if I feel it will not work out for me with my style/approach.

    ALSO! This little man is FOR SALE on eBay! His name is pumpkin spice and he’d love a shelf to perch on!


    Check out my art at!


    Haven’t shared in awhile, and I’ve done quite a few since I have! You can see which are available on my eBay profile ๐Ÿ™‚





    Check out my art at!


    My latest completed piece. He is looking for a home and up for bids on the Official Windstone Fan Club facebook group. ๐Ÿ™‚


    Check out my art at!

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