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    Moondust Dragon

      Hi everyone! I entered the PIF Raffle for the first time in December, and I won! How cool is that? Now I’m announcing the January PIF Raffle. Hopefully I get it right. If I don’t, I would ask that more experienced members let me know so that I can amend it. Thank you!

      I’ve been thinking about what would be an appropriate theme for January. Being that it’s the New Year, and being myself of a certain (ahem) vintage, I remembered the old TV holiday special that had the “Baby New Year” as a character. So I thought it would be fun to focus on baby critters of all kinds. For those who don’t remember the Baby New Year, I think it still fits… the New Year being symbolic of new life and the promise of the arrival of Spring. With that in mind, when you message me to enter the raffle, could you please:

      a) Provide me with **at least 3 choices from the following list of sculpts** that you might like to have if you win.
      b) Choose from the sculpt/colour combinations that are **currently in stock in the WE Store**. If you like the same sculpt in multiple colours, please feel free to include more than one colour choice.

      I’d like to make sure that the winner gets a sculpt and/or colour that they don’t already have (unless said winner already has one of everything… tee hee), while still being able to incorporate an element of surprise. The winner will receive one (or more!) of the pieces they have chosen. Here is the list of sculpts to choose from (don’t forget to include colour choices):

      PYO Foops (Foo Puppies) – they will arrive unpainted for you to customize
      Hatching Dragon(s)
      Fledgling Dragon
      Baby Dragon
      Baby Unicorns or Colts (specify pose or poses if you have a preference)
      Hippogriff Colt (specify pose if you have a preference)
      Griffin Chick (specify pose if you have a preference)

      Please message me (Moondust Dragon) if you have any questions. If you win the raffle, your prize will be shipped directly to you from the WE store, as it doesn’t make a lot of sense for me to import them into Canada and then ship them back to the U.S. LOL. Good luck and have fun choosing! ~ Moondust Dragon


      We have The Rules:
      The host for the month decides what they wish to gift, it must be Windstone related, the price range is entirely up to you so keep this in mind when entering the raffles.
      Winner of the month then pays it forward the following month.
      They then post an entry by 7th of month, accept entries until end of month, draw on 30th/31st and ship out to winner as soon as they can.
      No limit to how many months you can enter, even if you have previously won. This is not related to Melody’s raffle, so does not affect your ability to enter that one. We want this to keep going.
      Thanks for playing. Thank you for your generosity. Let’s continue the FUN!

      Moondust Dragon


        Oh how interesting.
        Please enter me.
        Brimstone baby dragon
        Anything in Stone
        Hatching Prismatic Spring baby

        Every act matters.No matter how small💞
        (Wanted......Brimstone Lap)
        Male Hearth....one day🤞Dream on.


          How cool! I would love to enter!
          – Jet Black Baby Unicorn
          – Snow White Baby Unicorn
          – Copper Patina Unicorn Colt

          Wishlist: Copper Patina Unicorns (esp Colt) & Ponycorn, Emerald Mother Lying Down Dragon, Horned Rebel Wolf


            I love the baby idea! Count me in!
            -Standing Hippogriff Colt – Copper Patina
            -Baby Dragon – Blue Morpho
            Sitting Griffin Chick – Black Sunset


              Please enter me in your lovely raffle as well! Maybe I will get lucky since January is my birth month! If not future congrats to whoever wins!

              Brimstone fledgling
              Brimstone baby Dragon
              Elven fledgling
              (Or if it comes out before the end of the month hatching baby in brimstone lol)

              Thank you for hosting!

              Would love to see more dinosaur windstones! ❤️

              Linda Watson

                Please enter me in your raffle – what a cool way to celebrate the New Year!

                Brimstone Baby Dragon
                Stone Baby Dragon

                Linda Watson Gresham


                  So cute of an idea! Could I enter?

                  Hatching copper patina dragon
                  Fledgling dragon prismatic spring
                  Hippogriff colt copper patina (lying)

                  Brenda Lower

                    Oh, this sounds like so much fun! I’d love to participate. These would be my choices:

                    Any of the Brimstone (Fledgling, Baby, or Hatching)
                    Either Hippogriff Colt in copper patina (If others pop up in the store between now and then, any color of hippogriff colt would be fine)
                    Griffin Chick in Black Sunset- either sitting or crouching.

                    Thanks so much for this!


                      Sounds like a blast! I’ll try my luck and enter this time around!

                      Off the tip of my head, I know I don’t have any of these…

                      White Baby Dragon
                      Peacock Baby Dragon
                      Stone Hatching Baby Dragon
                      Rainbow Hatching Baby Dragon

                      Got a busted Windstone?
                      *OPEN for repairs*

                      *SEEKING GRAILS*
                      Arc-en-ciel Emperor
                      Siphlophis Male Dragon
                      Calypso Hatching Empress
                      Ivory Moss Sitting Baby Kirin
                      Tattoo Mother Kirin
                      Emerald Tabby Male Griffin
                      Tie Dye + Orion Hatching Royalty
                      Indigo Rockfish + Flame Tabby Little Rock Dragons
                      Dragon Quail + Obsidian Frost Old Warriors
                      Betta Sun Dragon + Male Dragon
                      Dreamscape, Orion, Poison Dart, Fireberry, Spangler + Tigerberry Dragons


                        Please add me as well!
                        My three options in no particular order of preference are:

                        Standing Hippogriff Colt – Copper Patina
                        Sitting Griffin Chick – Black Sunset
                        Baby Dragon – White

                        IN SEARCH OF MY NEXT GRAILS:
                        Black Peacock & Butternut Adult Poads
                        Kickstarter 'Rainbow Tiger' Bantam Dragon

                        *~*~*~* Ela_Hara: The DragonKeeper *~*~*~*
                        *** Come visit me on deviantArt at http://ela-hara.deviantart.com


                          What a fun way to raffle, please enter me as well! Thank you💖

                          My possibilities would be:

                          Baby dragon – black violet peacock
                          Either baby griffin – blue morpho
                          Hatching dragon – emerald or pastel rainbow

                          Moondust Dragon

                            Hello Everyone,
                            this is the last call for entries into the January 2024 PIF Raffle. The draw will take place tomorrow (January 31st), so there’s still time to enter and to make your prize selections.
                            Good luck! – Moondust Dragon

                            Moondust Dragon


                              It’s been awhile since I’ve entered one of these. I’ll give it a go 🙂 Thank you!

                              Hippogriff Colt – Copper Patina (laying)
                              Fledgling Dragon – Brimstone
                              Sitting Griffin Chick – Blue Morpho

                              Moondust Dragon

                                Hi Kujacker, I received your entry and prize choices, so you will be included in the draw tomorrow/later today (depending on your time zone). For whatever reason, I don’t seem to be able to send you a PM (the Private Message button – that usually comes up when I click on someone’s profile – isn’t there, at least as far as I can see). So hopefully you will see this message. Thank you, and good luck! – Moondust Dragon

                                Moondust Dragon

                                Moondust Dragon

                                  We have a winner! According to the Wheel of Names, the lucky recipient of a brand new Windstone baby (I’m not telling which one – it’s a surprise) is…



                                  Congratulations, drag0nfeathers! I’ll PM you to notify you of your win and to get your mailing address. Although I’m sure Susie has it on file (XD) , I will also be mailing you a supplementary package from Canada. 🙂

                                  Thank you to everyone who entered. It has been a lot of fun to run this raffle! – Moondust Dragon (Meredith)
                                  P.S. Since I’m going to be in the store anyways, I should probably pick up a little something for myself while I’m there, right? It would be a shame not to! XD

                                  Moondust Dragon

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