Is there a way to be notified when any color variant of an animal is available?

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      Is there a way to be waitlisted, for say, all cougar releases in any colors? I have only recently gotten into Windstone collecting (admiring for 30 years now) and I can’t find any cougars out there. I love the metallics that are currently in the shop but I really would like my first one to be patterned. Any thoughts/advice?


        If by “patterned” you mean cougars painted in big cat or fantasy colors, all you really can do is join the waitlist for the various Grab Bags and hope that Melody decides to paint some more. Then you will be notified when (or if) one of them is restocked. However, there is a lot of discussion in “What’s Next on the Schedule” when Melody is painting a Grab Bag batch of something so you will have some warning before they hit the store.

        If you haven’t yet found all of them, these are the Grab Bag cougar batches painted in the past:

        Cougar – Grab Bag

        Cougar – Grab Bag (Fantasy)

        Cougar – Grab Bag (Fire Cat)

        Cougar – Grab Bag (Giraffe)

        You also can “squeak” in the “What Are Your Squeaks … ” thread, but I don’t know how much effect that has.


          If you are looking for a patterned cougar, it would be a grab bag. If you are signed up for the newsletter, you should get notifications when new items and grab bags come out. I think you can also put yourself on the waitlist for one of the previous grab bags for that item, and when a new grab bag comes out you will get notified. Also, if you follow the “What’s next on the schedule” thread or official Facebook page, Melody will usually mention what grab bag she is currently working on a few times before it comes out. The one she is currently doing is qu-lins. You could also put an ad in the classifieds saying you are looking for one, and I’m pretty sure someone recently posted a “fire cat” version one on the Facebook page.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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