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    I know it used to be easy enough to find, but I swear I’ve been through all the profile/settings places and I can’t find a place to edit the signature that accompanies all my posts. How do I make this happen? Thanks!

    Seeking These Test Paints! Please get in touch if you would like to trade or sell. I will remove pieces from my list if requested by owner.

    GRIFFINS: Mahogany Crouching Chick, Mahogany Sitting Chick

    UNIS: Young Snow Leopard Test Paint, Male Snow Leopard Test Paint, Mother Autumn, Mother Okapi, Baby Okapi, Gothic Mahogany, Gothic Silver Forest

    KIRIN: Mother Diablo

    PEGASUS: Male Midnight Calico, Mother Starlight Rain

    DRAGONS: Male Coyote



    Thought I knew, but no, no I don’t…

    Would love to find: Male Dragon or Mother Dragon in Night's Fire, Poseidronax, Siren Song or Red Fire!



    I don’t know! I can ask Clay, the website guy.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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