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      Quick easy and so yummy.
      1 pack THIN Oreos.
      1/2 pack softened Philly Cream Cheese
      1/2 bag of Chocolate chips,whatever flavor you prefer.I use dark myself.
      A large plate or platter
      A pair of tongs,small ones best or a fork,spoon,whatever so you can dip and pick up truffles.
      Crush cookies small pieces.(put in baggie of some sort,get meat tenderizer and bang away.)
      Mix cream cheese and crushed cookies completely.Ball up in small bite sized is best,and put in freezer about 1/2 hr.seperate or they will stick together in freezer.
      Melt half your chips in micro and dip one or two of the truffles at a time covering completely and place back on cold plate.
      Chocolate hardens quickly,reason for one portion of chips at a time.
      Place in fridge or munch immediately.
      Replace in fridge or chocolate coating will start melting.
      Absolutely scrumptious.


        That sounds yummy Bodine! Thanks for sharing! I made a banana cake yesterday with frosting and it’s so good! I’ve never made one before. I usually just bake banana muffins as treats.

        Looking for rainbow or pink & teal grab bags!


          They are,try them.A little makes a lot.
          I love banana bread.mmmm

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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