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      😛 One more vote for non-nit pick foxes. I’d want one for myself and for a friend.


      HAHAHAHA! I love your demonstration pics! Intersting Idea! Sand wouldn’t work because the airbrush would blow it everywhere, but larger m & m sized things might work as a cradle …
      I haven’t really tried using the method we’ve worked out, but I think our suction-cup holder will work,…it Still leaves a mark on the bottom though.
      I’ve re-sculpted the Fennec to have a flatter bottom. If we can put pads on them, the marks on the bottom won’t be an issue. Problem solved.

      However, we still have a bunch of fennec castings with the round bottoms that I need to finish somehow.
      These will probably be a “no-nitpicking” edition. Similar to a goof-up edition.

      What about marbles? they are heavy enough to not blow away, but smooth enough that it would nestle right?

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        Marbles, glass globs (available in fish stores and stained glass shops), all those would work. And don’t forget the disposable cloth squares (old t shirt material would probably work just fine) that would keep the paint from building up on the globs.

        By the way, I, too, would be happy with a no-nit picking goof up – I was just trying to come up with simple one time solution so that the foxes could be done by the production painters (not to detract from their skills! They do a wonderful job!) instead of needing Melody’s golden touch.

        Thank you Melody and Windstone for listening!


          My first thought was stick-it-on poster-putty type stuff, too; or else the similar stuff that museums/Breyer horse collectors use to hold fragile items on shelves — surely it’d be sticky enough to hold down a pebble during airbrushing? And it’s designed not to leave marks, so you shouldn’t have the same issue that a suction cup creates. (You might need a big blog of it to hold the pebble upside down, since that surface isn’t flattened!)

          Anyway, am I the only one squeeing about the prospect of black pebble cats rather than foxes? 😀 I really, really wanted a black sparkle pebble ladycat, but didn’t manage to grab one before they sold out; if there are more in the works I’d do leaps of joy! (If you didn’t mean black sparkle, well, even a solid glossy black would be right up there on my want list!)

          Good luck to you and all the factory staff as you try to wrangle the foxes into cooperating! No more going down their little foxy boltholes to get away from the paint, hopefully.

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        Viewing 4 posts - 61 through 64 (of 64 total)
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