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      My regular guardian dragon sadly got part of his wing shattered(glue is no longer an option) and a couple of small buffs in his paint. I bought him used but had a incident on the way home also. I haven’t done any fix ups before so I was wondering about what paints and coating are best for the stone look and type of sculpey people use? Although I may just paint him a little and be done with it.


        I have had success using Apoxie sculpt (or clay) rather than Sculpey, but I am not as experienced as others are about fixing things!

        You will need Cream, Autumn brown, acrylic paint, and deep brown to antique the areas to match the color.


          I’m not a pro, but Apoxie Sculpt is what I’ve used for the three Lap Dragons and the Pebble I’ve repaired, and it works great!  Pretty easy to use, and takes paint nicely once it’s dry.

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            I think most of the recommendations are for Apoxie sculpt, but some use Sculpey. I don’t know which flavor. I repaired several smallish areas on a stone finish sculpt once; it was the regular Sculpey and worked well (have also used it on regular sculpts). I used a lighter to harden it instead of baking the whole thing. I used several shades of Golden brand (don’t think brand will matter) browns/greys/cream(don’t remember exact shades), antiqued it with number, and it came out great. Over all I used a light coat of satin clearcoat. I’m sure yours will come out great also!


              Well I took a risk and tried some (polyform)porcelain clay a couple days ago which seems to stick and mold pretty well. I was afraid to get anything that needed baking. I still need to work on painting it better. Number? Thanks everyone!


                I’ve used towels pressed into tacky clay and I’ve gotten good texture results with that. For the painting I will just splotch different browns, creams, and rawhide colored paints, let dry and then antique with an espresso brown or black.

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                  Doh, hate autospell… number was supposed to be umber.

                  Apoxie sculpt is an air dry material if yo have to repair something again, though your porcelain clay should be fine. I’m afraid to bake them also, which is why I’ve done only small areas with Sculpey and hardened it with a lighter flame.

                  Is your porcelain clay something you’d use on a plate? I have a really neat plate with a huge chip. I’d like to repair it, but don’t think I dare to!

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