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      Today, for some reason, when my mother logged in to buy a grab bag poad, a silver wolf was in her cart. she deleted the wolf but when she would do so it would delete both the wolf and the grab bag. then we were finally able to load up just a poad. Everything would look good until you got to the confirmation page before going to paypal. it would then say again that she was getting a silver wolf. this happened over and over. Finally i had to delete her cart, go to the poad page and then select the grab bag form the poads section. this finally worked. not sure what was going on but other people might be having the same issue.


        I had a weird one myself, I finished getting my kitties then started to wander around when I noticed I had a cart timer again, I looked and there was a lion sconce in there, how did that happen? I deleted it but it’s weird and it’s not the first time random things are suddenly in my cart…..

        4 things I'm looking for:
        1. Mother Meerkat
        2. production color Sitting Young Oriental dragons to be made in more colors besides VF
        3. Female Griffin – Siamese with White
        4. September Raffle Prize 2022 AHD Male Griffin


          That is odd. My cart started out empty. After adding some items, I was able to delete a silhouette Poad without affecting anything else.


            That is strange. My cart seemed to be fine. The only thing was a couple pieces timed out and then I had to re-add them.

            Looking for rainbow or pink & teal grab bags!


              That has happened to me a couple of times: things just appearing in my cart even when I wasn’t shopping.

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                I have let Clay know about this glitch.

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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