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      Would Elmers glue be strong enough to re-glue a larger broken piece (like a wing) or should I use something stronger? Any recomendations?


      I usually use gel superglue. If you want to take it apart again later, the Elmers could work, but if you want permanence, I’d go with the superglue. Just make very sure it is where you want it before pressing it together, cause you don’t have a big window for repositioning once you set it.

      Hope that helps.



        Yes, thank you! 🙂


          Just for the record – White Glue makes a very strong bond because it soaks into the plaster. I believe it would work. I have a much glued together dragon who has been dropped after being doctored – and he broke in a new place, now where I glued him with white glue.


            The best one I have ever used is Loc-tite gel

            The only bad thing, is if I have ever had to “rebreak” it for any reason, it NEVER EVER HAS REBROKEN! LOL! It’s THAT tight of a hold! LOL! The gypsum in a different location would break first before the glue would come undone >_< so make sure you get it set right the first time!!!

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              In addition to these good recommendations, I swear by Beacon 527 multi-use glue.

              It’s about the consistency of thick corn syrup, not too runny, soaks just enough into the gypsum, has a comfortable ‘working time’ so you can make adjustments after you stick the broken piece on, and since it dries with a flexible, silicone-like bond it’s basically shatter-proof. It’s my favorite!

              It used to be called Bond 527 so it might be found under that name too. It is the same formula though.

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