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      As in the title, I’m saving up money to buy an aquarium and fishes.

      General Information:
      Unless otherwise noted, prices are Shipped Within The US. What you see is what you pay.
      I will ship by least expensive method. If you want something faster or a different carrier you pay the difference.
      I can ship internationally but it’s very expensive.
      I can offer a small $2-4 discount if you buy multiple items. I’m not keen on haggling the prices otherwise.
      Items are in mint condition with applicable tags unless otherwise noted.
      I have a bird and a cat so the items might come with fur or a feather.

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      Dragon and Sword letter opener, has a chip on a back fin. Free, buyer pays shipping.
      “Relaxing Time” Alolan Vulpix plush. $25
      “Relaxing Time” Vulpix plush. $25
      BIG Lugia plush. Has to be shipped in a box so its neck doesn’t break. $45
      retired Squishable dragon plush. Hang tag is damaged. $20
      BIG Nici Dragon plush. Has to be shipped in a box so its neck doesn’t break. $50
      White & light mint “Sleepy Time” cat plush. I don’t remember its exact name. $15


        Hmm, my husband needs a letter opener, he keeps losing them and stealing my kitchen knives.😝 Maybe with a big dragon holding it, he wouldn’t lose one like yours!
        I’d be interested in it, if it’s still a a available. I’ll PM you my address. I can pay via Paypal.


          Dragon and sword letter opener is sold. Rest of the items are still available.

          Also found a few night lights, photos and prices are below. All of these are unused and from Japan.

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          Snoopy Night Light mint with box. $20
          Rilakkuma Night Light. Has a scratch on one eye. $15
          Korilakkuma Night Light. Might in packaging. $15


            This might be a bit niche but I have a lightly used Tamagotchi x Eevee. I used it for maybe an hour before turning it off and putting it back in its packaging.



            Asking $70 shipped. May be flexible on price, but no low-balling.


              Some new items are available now that I finally had time to take photos!

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              All above items are new with tags

              Roly Poly plush (Vaporeon, Sylveon) – $24 each
              Roly Poly plush (Growlithe, Arcanine) – $30 each
              Pokemon Time plush (Vaporeon, Flareon) – $25 each
              Umbreon mini purse plush by TOMY – $16
              Sylveon Pokedoll – $13
              Ditto as Vulpix krychain plush – $20

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