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      Mine is ALWAYS “12 Days of Christmas” by Straight No Chaser. And since my tech skills suck, you’ll have to look it up on youtube. The 1998 version is the best! Sorry this is late but I still love all y’all!

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        “The Lost Christmas Eve” entire CD by Trans-Siberian Orchestra.
        As for classic Christmas,”The Little Drummer Boy”.Especially Bob Segar’s recorded version.

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          Carol of the Bells….

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            For singing it’s probably “Angels We Have Heard on High”.

            Celestial Rainstorm

              I really love Josh Groban’s “Believe” and “The First Noel”

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                O Come, All Ye Faithful – especially the Latin version, Adeste Fideles. The Choir I had belonged to many years ago used to sing the first 6 verses of the Latin version during Christmas Services, so it is my very favorite. I can’t finish it without choking and tearing up, it is so beautiful. Our current Church only sings the first verse in Latin after singing only the first four verses of the English version. I always sing loudest during the Latin verse and I still choke and tear up.

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                  I love all the old hymns. But I’ve always loved particularly What Child Is This.

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