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    Ok, just a question I was asking myself a while back. I thought it would be interesting to know how others felt about it…
    If you had a choice between living on the East Coast, or the West Coast, which would you prefer? It can be Southern or Northern too.
    I have been to Florida and Georgia, and South Carolina. I was asleep when Mom went through Mississippi and Louisiana, so I don’t remember that part. LOL I have NEVER been to the West Coast. I have always wanted to see Oregon, and Washington, but where my heart really wants to go is Cali. But, I couldn’t say for sure that I really want to go there, if I have never been there. What is the weather like there? 😳
    Just something that has been on my mind for a while…Figured if I posted it, maybe it would leave me alone then! 😆


    East. Where I am at feels the most like home to me. I was born and raised here, int he woods, and it’s ingrained. I’ve lived and visited elsewhere and yet this is where I belong.

    That said, of all places to visit, the one I yearn for most is the coastal redwoods! I don’t want to live there but I so wish I could visit them whenever I wanted to.

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    East Coast, I’ve been to California a few times.. and while I love the scenery of San Francisco.. I know I wouldn’t want to live there..

    I want to see Oregon and Washington, especially Seattle.. but I’d prefer to live on the east coast..
    of course one place I went that felt like home immediately after getting there.. was England, it just felt like I’d been on a long trip and I was coming home.. which was weird.. but cool at the same time..


    South coast. I like the warmer areas where I do not have to deal with the cold all that much. I like to visit California, but I would never want to live there. Not only is the cost of living there much higher than other states, it has way too many tourist attractions. I have not been to too many places on the west coast, but I have had friends from these areas tell me about them and I am not to impressed. I like where I am now.


    Not that I’m in a position to make any sort of claim to the matter, but I’m with megamibabe. For living, I like it good and warm. (Don’t ask why I decided to move to the mountains, then.) But all areas of the States have their own sort of beauty; I’ve been to the west and southeastern coasts several times and am hoping someday I’ll get to spend time on the northeastern corner.


    Greater Basilisk wrote:

    Not that I’m in a position to make any sort of claim to the matter, but I’m with megamibabe. For living, I like it good and warm. (Don’t ask why I decided to move to the mountains, then.) But all areas of the States have their own sort of beauty; I’ve been to the west and southeastern coasts several times and am hoping someday I’ll get to spend time on the northeastern corner.

    If you ever do, drop me a line. 🙂

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    The only west coast I ever visited was Vancouver, BC…. and it were wet and rainy there… I like my weather dry, like here.

    But from what I know of US geography…. I’d probably prefer east coast. It’s where I want to visit more, that’s for sure. And not Southeast, like Florida, either…. :nea:


    i’m pretty happy with southern california. its been 72° and sunny all week 😆 although i have this nagging feeling that i would be happy in a small cottage up in the mountains somewhere, deep in the forest.


    I need 5 things to be happy:
    1 – humidity
    2 – fresh seafood
    3 – natural areas
    4 – warm weather
    5 – culture/festivals

    I really like living in Louisiana. Good food, festivals practically every month, and nice mild winters. This arctic cold snap pretty much confirmed that I really don’t like the cold. It reached the 50s today (THANK GOD!!). The below freezing thing sucked! :shout:

    I have to have humidity. I’ve been to the desert southwest a couple of times, and I couldn’t take it. I don’t care how pretty it can be, the dry air killed me! I practically aged 15 years and my skin was hurting from being so dry. I just couldn’t keep water in my system either; I got severely dehydrated. No thank you… I’ll pass.

    If all the wetlands vanish and the Gulf South disappears off the map, I would move to Oregon. I’ve been to Portland for a conference, and I loved it! The surrounding areas are gorgeous. I visited many of the natural areas there, including Tryon Creek State Park, Jackson Bottoms Wetland Preserve, and the Tillamook Forestry Center. It’s absolutely beautiful! Plus, there’s beer. XD

    If you are looking for your perfect spot, visit “Find Your Spot.com”. The last time I took the quiz, it was Hot Springs, Arkansas. 😀


    Northeast. Pretty much Central NY into New England. Not so keen about being right on the ocean (a lot of the beaches I’ve been near have a very odd smell to me, though I don’t mind visiting). I like my mountains and valleys, my trees (lots of trees), and my four seasons (Spring, summer, fall, winter), though I could survive Vermont’s fifth season of ‘Mud’ 🙂 . I do like my snow and prefer cooler temperatures. I am enjoying this cold and snow (it’s been a drier cold, so I’m enjoying it… wet cold just freezes you right to your bones!). I don’t like temperatures above about 72 ish F, and I don’t do well in humid weather. Adding layers is easy. There are only so many you can take off and be decent. 😉 I could possibly live in Minnesota, Montana, parts of Idaho (Coeur d’Alene is beautiful and that area is lovely and very pleasant). I haven’t really been in Washington State (only drove a small portion of it passing through), Oregon, and Wisconsin are northern states I could possibly live in, but don’t have any experience with to know for sure. Maybe parts of Wyoming (not the plains areas).

    Haven’t found a major city I could really enjoy living in here in the states either (Saratoga Springs, NY is ok, but it’s rather pricey and not exactly ‘big’ as cities go. Vienna, Austria is the only really large city to fit that bill so far that I have enjoyed living in!). Boston in small doses is fun. NYC is fun for weekends (then I need a bath 😀 ).


    Cool! I wasn’t expecting so many answers but am still hoping for more people to join in.
    I have a few places I have always wanted to visit that I haven’t been to…
    I want to go to the Gulf of Mexico one day…You guys have alot of guts to live there, and I give you kudos for it, but I don’t like tornados and it seems to me that you might just live where the biggest most destructive ones from the ocean head every year. 😮
    I’ve always wanted to go to Maine. I can’t explain it, it’s like wanting to be west of the Rockies one day, if even for just a vacation. 😉 And pine trees! I LOVE the smell of pine trees! There is nothing better than on a cool evening riding a motor cycle through a pine tree grove. *nostalgia*
    California, simply because it would be something neat to say I have done, and I hear it is absolutely beautiful if you to the right areas. I don’t want to go to Beverly Hills or anything like that. 😛
    Oregon, I have seen so many photos of such beauty from there. Even the old 1970’s Polaroids of my dad and mom out there are pretty even though the color leaves a bit to be desired. Also, if Colorado is as wonderful as it is, I can’t imagine how pretty it is just a little further out thata-way. Also, if I am gonna give kudos to Colorado, I must do the same for Idaho and Montana, as I saw some fabulous countryside out there too!
    I don’t really have a desire to go to Texas (Sorry Frozen), New York, Nevada or Arizona. No offense to anyone who calls those states home…I just prefer to avoid them. Maybe one day if I had reason to go there, I would, but for now, I just as soon not.
    SO, if I ever get a chance to go places (I haven’t been before), the things you guys have to say aobut your places may sway as to where I go…


    If you like lots of trees, siberakh1, then I’d say central and western Wisconsin are prettier than a lot of Minnesota (faithless as that sounds 😆 ) I just LOVE the Wisconsin forests! (Though the North Shore/Gunflint Trail/BWCA areas of Minnesota are fantastic too.)

    For me, it’s the west coast hands down. Though I can’t rule out Maine and those other northeastern states as I haven’t got to visit them (and would love to). But as all my family lives in California now (or Florida, which is utterly uninhabitable for me) then it wouldn’t make sense to move even farther away. Idaho is my ‘dream state,’ though I’ve never actually been there. I could be very happy in places I’ve visited in certain parts of Montana, northern California (except it’s too expensive there), western Wyoming, northern/western Colorado… I hope to finally get to Oregon this year, and my ‘dream destination’ of Crater Lake National Park. 😀 So Oregon/Washington are likely on my list as well, though I’ve never been to them yet.

    If North Dakota weren’t so treeless, it would be paradise for me. The Black Hills would make a lovely home too, if a little too touristy. 😆 They know how to make a proper winter in the Dakotas! 😆

    I can’t stand humidity, so the west appeals more on that account as well. Can’t stand heat or crowds, so some place with a LOT of snow and trees, cool summers/mountains, and few people would be as near to paradise as I could find down here. 🙂


    If I had to keep it to a coast, I’d probably say East. I’ve been to 28 out of 50 states, and there are at least 25 of those that I’d rather live in than NJ. I’ve been in every eastern coastal state from Maine to Florida, driven out to Illinois, down to Arkansas–lived there for 2 years, hit Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana and flew to California right after high school and spent about a month out there starting in the San Francisco area then down to Santa Barbara. Too many things go on in California; wildfires, mudslides, earthquakes……
    Of course where I live in NJ would still be subjected to hurricanes, since I’m only 20 miles inland, and technically ditto for wildfires with the Pine Barrens literally right in my backyard. 😕
    But the one place we’ve gone that was to me like Frozen’s comment on England and coming home, was Kentucky. When we went down there for the first time 2 yeas ago, it was like going to Heaven–there are mountains (bigger than here in NJ), rivers in deep gorges, rolling hills covered in lush green grass and of course horse farms in every direction! We’ve been down there in the late spring and in early summer, and their summer wasn’t as humid as it is here. I’m hoping to go this year in the fall.


    West, in Estes Park Colorado to be exact! This is where I plan on settling down. It has always felt like home, ever since my family and I went there when I was little. I relocated there in late 2005/early 2006 but ended up having to move back to KC because the vehicle I had couldn’t handle the amount of snow we were getting. Everyone kept saying it was unusually heavy compared to their average winter. Otherwise I’ve visited Estes so many times I’ve lost count! 😀 I’ll get there eventually! 🙂

    I’ll see you cats at that big jam in the sky.

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