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    Dana Oliver

      The Cat from Hell has broken my beloved dragon by knocking a standing lamp into it! I am amazed that it did as little damage as it did. It is a Brown dragon from some time in the 80’s. The nose has been chipped and a couple of the blue scales. My questions: 1) what color of acrylic paint will best match the brown and blue of the nose and scales? 2) Not much of the nostrils have chipped off. Will a sculpty clay stick, or will it be too small a repair to adhere? How do you get it to stick to the break? There is nothing left of the chipped material; it is just gone. Any tips would be GREATLY appreciated!Chipped Dragon


        *EDITED* The paint on these old guys varied a bit, but from this photo, your dragon looks like one that was painted with colors mixed from burnt umber , burnt sienna and raw sienna . You might need to mix them to get a perfect match. The blue and gold are Deco marker pens, available in craft stores. “Apoxy sculpt” is great for filling divots and missing scales. There are also some excellent repair artists in this forum!


        Dana Oliver

          Thanks so much! I presume I can find both at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s.


                 We still have some of the original paint. I can send you some if I can find some little bottles.You might need to order apoxie  from Aves studio, or find it on Amazon… not sure if craft stores stock it!

            Dana Oliver

              Bless your heart to bits!!! Please let me know if you find the bottles, and I will send you my address. Please let me know how much and I will send it to you. I will look for the Apoxie on Amazon; if it’s not there, I will go straight to Aves Studio.


                I would suggest Apoxie sculpt for the breaks (as I presume Melody already suggested) It’s a two part mix and works excellent for repair work on Windstone pieces. It’s almost exclusively what I use.

                I also have some great colors for the blue and green beauty marks which are a common brand and color acrylic craft paint that can be found at many retail stores for cheap money. When I get home from work I’ll add the colors to this post. I just don’t remember the names of them off the top of my head.

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