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      Amazon, Etsy, Facebook and very, very occasionally Deviant. I don’t get on these sites as much–just now and then but I use Amazon more than any.


        Facebook- daily
        Etsy- daily (I have a shop but I also lurk a lot ๐Ÿ˜€ )
        Amazon – I go through spurts but I do use it at least once a month on average at least for searches

        I have used Froogle but not with any regularity and I occasionally visit DeviantArt but again, not there very often.


          I use Amazon, but mostly to see when books are due to come out. Rarely buy through them. None of the other sites – I spend most of my online computer time on ebay, Windstone forum, and email.


            Facebook <- Nope
            DeviantArt <-Somewhat
            Myspace <- Nope
            Froogle (google.com shopping / product search) <- Nope
            Etsy <- Nope
            StumbleUpon <- Nope
            Amazon <-Somewhat

            I go to Livejournal and a couple of adoptable pet sites everyday.


              I’m on Facebook constantly.

              I check Amazon for things a few times a month.


                Facebook – Never
                DeviantArt – Never
                Myspace – Never
                Froogle (google.com shopping / product search) – Never
                Etsy – Seldom
                StumbleUpon – Never heard of it, but I am going to check it out now that I have
                Amazon – Yes, but not regularly

                I visit eBay and the forum several times a day, and the Windstone store every few days.


                  Facebook occasionally (very occasionally), DeviantART, LiveJournal.

                  …World of Warcraft. >.>

                  Windstone collector in remission. ๐Ÿ˜‰


                    The only one on that list i use is amazon occasionally. I also use ebay daily :spank: and i love to browse on dreamhorse even though the one horse i have right now is plenty of expense (no harm in window shopping though ๐Ÿ˜€ ) I also watch shows exclusively on hulu and whatever else my bf downloads through torrents, so i use that several times a week. Other than that there’s nothing else(besides this site) i use regularly.


                      NicoleH wrote:

                      I also watch shows exclusively on hulu

                      Ah, yes, I forgot to mention Hulu! Until I was on it 30 minutes ago catching up on Thursday’s 30 Rock. ๐Ÿ˜ณ

                      So not on your list, but I visit Hulu and Fancast several times a week to watch my favorite shows.

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