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      About a month ago I bought a hornless black unicorn on ebay, and shock of shocks due to not sufficient packing (even after I sent packing advice) he arrived with both lower legs broken off. Poor guy showed up like this…
      Poor Broken Unicorn
      The only good thing is I made a deal with the guy and kept it for $20, since I was planning on keeping him for myself I was okay with that because I knew I could get him back together. Now after approx. 16 hours (including horn build and hoof repaint ect) he looks like this. (I swear this is going somewhere)
      Unicorn repaired
      Overall I’m really pleased, sure, I completely repainted the hooves and lower legs to get a nice continuous look since I thought I’d drive myself nutty to perfectly match it to the original. Plus I’m happy with my narwhal inspired horn, I know you can sometimes get replacements from Windstone, but I kind of figure that not everyone can make a horn, so I’d leave whatever spares WE might have to people who can’t. But considering I had to fill in some good sized areas on this poor guy, I’m not unhappy.

      Anyway, enough patting myself on the back, on to the real reason for this post!
      The handful of tiny thin cracks that remained from re-glueing I was mostly able to fill or paint over, but of course a few still remained. For the most part they are in places that are not noticeable, but it lead me to thoughts on how to perfectly hide them. The one thing I came up with that I know would work (at least for me as I’ve done it) I’m loath to do. I know I can shave both sides either before or after gluing, then fill and shape/carve. It’s just that the idea of doing intentional damage feels wrong. Although, I suppose that’s better than the poor creature being in pieces. I’m fairly sure that’s a technique that won’t be suited to every situations, so I’m curious what you guys do. Do you have any techniques you’re willing to share that work? I’m decently skilled I think, but one can always get better.

      Closeup of inside of leg
      Up close you can see the crack that goes diagonally from the back of his hoof to about midway down his leg.

      Damage from farther off
      But from farther away it’s not as noticeable because it’s on the inside leg, I really had to shine a light in there to get a picture of it.

      Again, overall I’m pleased, there are a few places that were pretty badly damaged that I didn’t post pictures of because it didn’t have anything to do with this post really, but now I have a lovely black unicorn to add to my collection.


        Oh that poor unicorn! You did a great job on him! I can’t even really see where the cracks are! I have had to glue pieces before too and resculpt minor areas but I myself did not know how to hide glue lines either. I tried to just use a thin glue and match up the pieces the best I could and paint over any lines. You could probably sand the lines a tiny bit and then paint but yeah if you lose the texture or have to resculpt, that might be more difficult than just leaving it. I am sure others would know better than me though who are more experienced with repairs.

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          Hi !!
          I think he looks magnificent; you did an exceptionally good job of restoring him; I cannot see the cracks but I understand you can.
          My recommendation would be to contact Dragonfeathers here thru Forum.
          She posted a tutorial of a large dragon she restored to perfection and has lots of before and after photos included.
          Found a Hatching Pegasus that years ago suffered a fall and was minus his head … ( sigh );I re-glued with Loc-Tite Superglue but can still see the neck seam.
          My peacock Mouse Wizard recently took a tumble and is minus about 1/2 of his left ear so Dragonfeathers is kindly going to fix them both for me.
          She is super-excellent and super-nice too.
          Good Luck !!
          Big Hugs !!


            I have a secret method for hairline cracks that works awesome… PM me if you want directions

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