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        I have a friend who sent two oriental sun dragons to be repaired by Kyrin about a year and a half ago. These dragons were two of her favorite pieces and she wanted to find the best person possible to repair them. However, at this point, my friend is would just like to get her broken pieces back so she can try to fix them herself. She’s emailed Kyrin several times offering to pay to have FedEx pick them up from her doorstep if she could find some time to package them. So far, my friend is not having any luck contacting her through her email. Does anyone know of another way to contact Kyrin? If so, I can set you up with my friend’s contact information so you can give the information directly to her.


          I dont think I have her address anymore, but if someone knows her real name, they could try looking her phone number up on (you can search for people there too).
          I sent her a PM several months ago about a possible repair and the PM was never read so I just deleted it. Last I heard she was pretty backed up on repairs-but a year and a half? Thats a pretty long time. Sorry I wasn’t more help 🙁


            I know she had a huge back log of repairs which was why I started taking on some of them. She does make an appearance here once in a while. I think she was on not too long ago actually. You could try PMing her, it should at least send her a notifcation to her email at least she has a private message in her inbox. 🙁 Hope you are abe to get a hold of her.

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              If you’re on Facebook, I think she’s active there, so you might be able to reach her more easily…

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                Thank you very much for the help everyone. I’ve forwarded your suggestions to my friend. Hopefully these will help my friend get a hold of her.

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