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      vantid wrote:

      skigod377 wrote:

      I bet any version of your tabbys would get up pretty high. I like them alot. This one went for a good price, and I am glad it met the reserve. The pictures were very blurry, so I am surprised it went that high….Not that it isnt good! Dont get me wrong…Just the pics could have used some improvement.

      I don’t know who won, but it could have been someone who is a fan of her work.
      Could be. I wish I could see more of her work. I am partial to Nams griffins, though. If I buy another, it will be tryng for one of hers, or Arllas, or dragons. I cant have toooo many, you know!


        WOW! Her gallery is INCREDIBLE! I was gonna start listing some of the ones I like but there are too many!! That is some incredible talent. He he he…the reluctant fledgling…

        Thanks, Vantid!


        I didn’t see the “reluctant fledgling” pic.


          Thanks Vantid. I went back to find it for her, but the page wouldn’t load for me!


          Yeah DA was being goofy for a few minutes, wouldn’t work for me either!


          AHHH HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAA!!!!!!!! That is AWESOME!!


          I wonder how they pick which artist do the drawings for Magic the Gathering or if the artist has to submit drawings.


          Some artists are “sponsered” by other artists, as in recommended, others send in portfolios or tear sheets (papers with several select images on them along with contact info).


          Cool, thanks. Have you done any Magic cards Vantid?


          No, I haven’t. I want to, someday, but I haven’t pestered them with any of my stuff yet.


          Better sooner than later. hehe


            It’s very hard to get in with WOTC (that produces Magic The Gathering), I’ve been submitting to them several times a year for three years now. 🙁 Someday maybe!

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              Cara’s work is AWESOME! The fledgling pic made me laugh out loud. I love the Swiss mountain dragon! Her fierce animals are so well done… One day I hope I can draw like that.

            Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 43 total)
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