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    Why can’t I see pictures in post from the forum? Ex: the “show your collection 5 thread”


    What browser are you using and what Operating System?
    Did it just start now, or…actually this is the first time you’ve visited the new forum, right? Did you try a hard refresh? :~


    Yes it’s my first time on since the change. I’m using interent explorer.
    I’ve refreshed and still noting. I would prefer to continue using internet explorer. Not seing the pics is a real bummer. 🙁


    Is there anything in place of the pictures?


    If you are looking at threads and posts that were created before the Site Migration (3/17/2011) then the photos might not work and there might be a lot of weird html errors. This happened when the old forum was made to work with the new one. The new forum tried to convert the BBCode ([brackets]) into html and some of it just got really screwed up. This is no one’s fault… just an unseen error. It may or may not be fixed (I don’t know!).

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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