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    I wish my muse would return from wherever they have been hiding. I have a couple different stories I’d love to continue, but I’m clueless as where to go. Heck some of them aren’t even stories yet, they’re only scenes that I know don’t belong with the stories. My muse has been on hiatus way too long. I guess I ought to look for daily writing prompts or something…not that I have the time.

    So what do you do when your muse has been on hiatus for an extended period of time?


    Look at all the scenes you have – can they fit together?

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    I’m not an experienced writer, but I have heard that train of thought writing can help get you out of being stumped. Also, here’s a link to an article about creative writing exercises. It’s humorously written, so even if you don’t like the exercises it’s at least a fun read.


    I’m not a writer at all.. so I dunno if my ideas will help any, but worth a try?

    When I get stuck on a painting, I have found the best cure for my muses is to let them go play with something else, usually something absolutely unimportant… sometimes it’s as simple as being stuck on a commission, and working on a different piece.. or sometimes it’s working on something entirely different all together –This is where digital painting, Windstone painting, trying my hand at regular acrylic painting (That did not end so well, lol!), water color & colored pencil drawings, photography, leather work, jewelry work, (currently trying my hand at screen printing design) and lord knows what else I fuss with… is a good thing! when I get stuck on one, I move on to another that just simply sounds fun… I got stuck as could be on this Winged Wolf I just finished, I put her down for a few months (I admit, longer than I would have liked, but other circumstances prevented me from working on her).. I’ve done a lot of misc things inbetween, picked her up a few days ago and finished her in what felt like a blink of an eye, my mind absolutely reset 🙂 What also helped is I let go of where I was originally wanting to take her.. and I just let it flow… She’s mostly what I was looking for, just a lil more subdued… and I love her! 🙂 our minds are at a constant growth and change, an easy statement to it – We change our minds, often!… and sometimes we get the most stuck when we are determined to stay on the path we originally were on instead of letting the outcome grow with us…

    So, I recommend these for ideas:
    *Try something different all together to get the muse juices flowing! (Well that could certainly sound bad! lol)
    *Write a short story that doesn’t matter at all
    *Read what you have, and play with the story a bit.. keep the original, in case you decide you want to come back to it, but maybe make another and tweak here and there and be open to end up building on a different story than you originally meant? I’m not sure how big of a monkey wrench this can be in writing, I know sometimes I kick myself for venturing on a painting because end result is so much different and I end up painting over what I already put perfectly good work into… but I have yet to regret the decision to do so…

    Hope this helps! Somehow 🙂


    Here’s another helpful article about writer’s block.

    I hope you find something that helps you!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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