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      I’m off in a couple hours to see the new Avatar movie. Hubby is champing at the bit lol. Any opinions from people here on it? I’ve heard very long but visually stunning.


        So how was it??I can’t wait to get it home,doubt I will get to the big screen.


          I have to agree with the assessment I was given. Visually it’s stunning, gorgeous, sumptuous, pick your superlative adjective. Long enough that I was getting uncomfortable before the end, as was my husband (who absolutely loved it). Even though I was able to get cheap tickets, I doubt I’d go to a theater to see it again, though I do plan on buying it when it’s released. At home you can pause lol.

          If you haven’t seen the first, do so before seeing this or you’ll be lost. And it’s obvious there’s more to come, there are dangling threads at the end. But I enjoyed it too.

          I remember all the fuss here when the first one came out, so was somewhat surprised at the silence on it. Don’t know if everyone is on Facebook now, or if they didn’t like it as much.


            I would love to go see it but I think I’m going to have to wait for the home version too like Bodine……I loved the first one, saw the extra minutes version in the theaters…..but sad that I have to wait this time……

            5 things I'm looking for:
            1. Mother Meerkat
            2. Large Bird-Winged Flip Flap Cat – Lynx Point Siamese
            3. production color Sitting Oriental to be made that’s not VF
            4. Female Griffin – Siamese with White
            5. September Raffle Prize 2022 AHD Male Griffin


              I love eye candy movies,makes my Muse happy 😊
              I really enjoy a good mind screw movie and well done space movies,which are rare.
              I have a nice video library that I quite enjoy.A little of everything. Avatar is one of my favorites though and I watch WarCraft a lot too.I wish more were made of them.


                I have seen mention of a third Avatar movie that has been completed. Maybe there won’t be such a long gap between #2 and #3.


                  I like movies like that also, Mimi. I would be curious about your list of favorites.

                  Rhoda, I heard the same. Apparently there is already a 3, 4, and 5, all filmed concurrently with 2 and being put together now… i think they were to be released every 2 years but not sure.

                  I will say that if you’re one who didn’t enjoy the story in the first, you won’t in this one either. It does feel a bit more forced here.


                    I really enjoy a good mind screw movie and well done space movies

                    “Moon” and “Pandorum” are good movies that are both sort of mind screw and set in space.

                    Looking for GBs: loaf dragon; dark red-colored sitting grey wolf; baby ki-rins; sitting ori; fantasy qi-lin #154


                      Moon is pretty good.
                      Pip…here is my movie collection.






                        Easier than listing them.HOD is on the way.😁




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