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      Hey there! This may be a dumb question, but I guess I’m getting a little concerned. Usually when I order something, the order shows up under my “Orders” tab in my account. Then it updates to processing….then completed. I snagged a GB wolf and normal red fox, but they aren’t under my orders. I double-checked PayPal and the payment went through. Anyone else notice this?


        Mine is listed in my orders, if that is any help! Good luck getting yours all sorted!


          Mine shows up under my Orders.
          I did not get an email from Windstone confirming the order (I did from Paypal), but my ability to get emails from Windstone was still being sorted out.


            Mine is also under my orders, and I got an email saying it was processed.


              Mine is under my orders and I got a processing letter. Hope this gets worked out for you, though.

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                Hmmm….now I’m worried. :~


                  If your payment went through paypal, you have proof you paid. Id just contact Susie and see what she has to say, Im sure it will work out ๐Ÿ˜‰ I think they usually keep an extra few GB’s on hand for weird occurrences and for ebay later on. So I would think you would still get one, hopefully !


                    I do see mine – it’s marked as Payment Received. I was hoping that mine would get sent out before the weekend but no luck there. They probably have a lot of orders to sort through though!

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                      I think they’re just really busy – I bought my wolf and fox right away and they’ve shipped. My SO bought his wolf about an hour later and his hasn’t shown up yet though he was charged. I wouldnt worry about – you’ll probably see an update on Monday.

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                        Mine is showing under orders as payment received. As the others said, just look up the paypal transaction and then e-mail Susie to confirm the order.

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                          You may want to email Susie just to make sure.

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                            My order is showing up fine and I am receiving email updates, but I had my mother check her order and she is having the same issue as you, Chloe. I guess she will have to send Susie a message too.

                            Incidentally, if you have already heard back from Susie, did she say that your order wasn’t showing up at all, or that it was in their system and just a glitch that it wasn’t showing up for you?

                            UPDATE: I got in touch with Susie, and my mother’s order was showing up as “awaiting payment” even though it was paid. Susie was able to quickly sort out the problem and now all is well. ๐Ÿ™‚


                              Yay! My order appeared! I love Windstone. ๐Ÿ™‚

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