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    If money, time and life allow, I would like to join… but I’d like a muse! I see the wolf, kittygriff, kitsune etc. are in stock and the same price, I could do one of them. I really am not sure I’ll be able to join though.

    WOW! You mean there is someone else on the forum that actually likes (I LOVE) the Muses too?!?
    I know that not everyone likes painting the Muse and it generally isn’t one of the PYO’s used for the forum PYO Swaps, but I actually enjoy painting them. And they look GREAT with my Jacquard Luminere Metallic paints! I can usually paint a Muse in 4 – 5 hours total. I’m really not in a great position time-wise to be able to join this Spring PYO Swap, but if you are interested in doing an individual PYO swap for a Muse between us Pip, let me know.

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    That might work, Ela_Hara! I just received the blank for a commission and am almost done with Mandarin Dragonette (spelling intentional), who needs to find a new home. I really won’t have time to work on another PYO until they’re done. I’ll get back to you at that time, if you’re still interested. Sounds like the later time is best for both of us!


    Please make sure that anyone who is wanting to participate sends me an email – I won’t have the information to include you without it! Check out the sign up thread for the things to include and the rules for the swap!

Viewing 3 posts - 31 through 33 (of 33 total)
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