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    Sorry, but there is another spammer on board today. Clay has been notified and we will block them. Please do not follow any links if you’ve received a message from “coopermarie” – just delete the message. We apologize!


    This new spammer has been flagged, so will not be able to access the site again. Also, after the last spammer created a new account as soon as I flagged their first one, I installed some code that allows me to see what IP address they are logging in from. The IP address of this newest spammer has now been blocked, which should prevent them from creating another account on our site.

    Apart from blocking the IPs of known spammers, the options for preventing future spam attacks are few and imperfect. I can take measures to make creating an account more difficult, but that will make it more difficult for legitimate users as well.

    Also, I could install software that adds a “friends” feature to everyone’s account. You could then send friend requests to other users (very similar to facebook), and then people could only send PMs to their “friends.” Apparently this has (mostly) worked for some other websites that have experienced the same spam issue that we’ve been having. But it would be a bit of hassle for everyone to send and accept friend requests to/from everyone they want to message. Plus, it wouldn’t prevent a spammer from sending out hundreds of friend requests, but at least those don’t generate email notifications.


    Oh dear, the “friends” feature sounds like it would just really complicate things. The spam messages or emails seem to be only an occasional issue.

    Wanted: Fantasy Baby Pegasus, Natural Mother Pegasus; RedFire Male Dragon; Wild Troll Male Unicorn; Blue Jay Mother Pegasus; Lynx Point Siamese Flip Flap Cat; Rainbow Young Unicorn; Autumn Mother Dragon


    What about using something like Duo to send a PIN number for 2-factor authentication?

    That’s much easier than going the “friends” route. I think the “friends” choice would make things a lot more difficult especially classified ads communications.


    I prefer Starbreeze’s suggestion over the add friends route.
    As they mentioned trying to friend someone in a hurry if a coveted item comes up in the classifieds could end up in a lot of frustration just to send a PM.

    Looking for:

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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