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      My apologies if this issue has been addressed before, but I can’t get the FAQ thread to show any posts!

      Anyway, I have a question about whether or not we’re allowed to alter a PYO sculpt before it is painted. To be specific, I would like to add on extra features in resin putty. Since the sculptures are copyrighted in their original form and there are guidelines about painting them so they don’t look like other Windstone-issued color schemes, I want to be sure I’m minding my “P”s and “Q”s before I do anything to mine!

      If it matters, I’ll be signing the piece of course, do not intend to sell it, and will have to apply putty to it anyway to repair chipped areas.


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        I wanna say that its a NO-NO but I am not 100% sure… I’ll see if I can find it somewhere….

        I wanna say that Jennifer said somewhere that its a NO-NO but like you, I cannot find it. : So I have no idea and cannot be 100% sure of what I have read before. If all else fails, you can email and ask John about it. πŸ˜‰


          Jennifer talks about the issue on post #11 of this thread:

          Hope that helps! πŸ™‚


            Actually, does post #24 of this thread not apply to PYOs, as well? They certainly are not numbered, or limited in an edition of 200 or less.


            Seems to me you could do whatever you wanted to them.


              I think you can do whatever you want as long as you always clearly specify that it IS an altered piece. I’ve put wings on Kirins before and never had an issue, but they weren’t resin. Just glued on fairy wings.

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                drag0n – the fairy wings were probably okay because they clearly were not “sculpted” and thus not original (and theoretically easy to remove). πŸ™‚

                It seems like Jennifer was pretty clear that altering the actual sculpt in a significant way (changing ears, re-sculpting wings, etc) was an issue.

                Honestly, your best bet would be to email John with the specific changes you want to make and get the official word. If you do make a sculpt modification, I’m guessing you should probably not post pictures. πŸ™ BUT – certainly ask John! I could be completely off base. πŸ™‚


                  People have done it in the past (altering ears etc). They just didn’t post any photos of it up here, or they blocked out the altered part in the photos.


                    Thanks everyone, for tracking down all of that info for me! I’m looking into whether or not I could use something else as a base for the sculpting I want to do, but if I settle on the PYO after all I’ll certainly contact John for the final say.

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