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    I am not really sure how the people we ship USPS Priority Mail packages to receive their tracking numbers! Can you help me out with that? As far as I know, it appears that if you pay with Paypal, you can look at your receipt in Paypal and the tracking number is shown there on the receipt. If you pay with a credit card and do not have a Paypal account – can you find your tracking number? Does the USPS email it to you? I know our shopping cart is not able to send it to you.

    If you have us ship to you through UPS, the tracking number is emailed at the end of the day by UPS. If you are not receiving those emailed tracking numbers, they might be getting caught in your spam filter – or we may have mis-spelled your email address in our UPS computer (we can fix that – just let us know!).

    If you’ve got a magic way to find your tracking number, please let me know! -Susie


    If the USPS gives me a printed receipt I take a picture of the receipt and email it to the person receiving the package. If the USPS emails me the receipt I simply forward it to the recipient.

    Of course my situation is different than yours because I’m only shipping one or two packages at the most and I have to go into my local post office.


    I’m signed up for “informed delivery” with USPS. It allows me to see all my incoming mail and packages on the USPS website. I can see the tracking number for items from the Windstone store there as soon as the label gets printed.

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    When I make a purchase with USPS shipping from the Windstone store using PayPal, PayPal sends me an email with the tracking number once the item is shipped out.


    I receive USPS numbers (shipping to Canada) via PayPal.

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    Once an item has shipped I get a notification email “your item is on the way” email from paypal. It’s easy to miss if you’re not paying attention because it doesn’t SAY on the title anything about Windstone, but if you read the email you can see it’s coming from Windstone Editions and there is a link to the tracking.

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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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