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the epic ballad of HOT DOG


The live stream was running, with unicorns galore
Needing to be finished to go in the store.
An aroma of hotdogs was scenting the air,
Coming from someplace, but no one knew where!

Could it be the unicorns, waiting impatiently,
For the finishing touches added by Chessie?
Then this baby unicorn was next in line.
Chessie picked him up – she thought he was fine.

His casting was perfect, his paint coat was bright.
Only one problem … an eye was stuck tight.
It wouldn’t come out for applying of glue.
Chessie said, “Oh no, we can’t sell him too.”

“For this little hotdog it must be rejection.
He can’t cut the mustard. He won’t pass inspection.
How do we keep him apart from the rest?
We’ll send him to camp. That would be best.”

Drag0nfeathers cried “No! Don’t send Hotdog to camp!
He’ll be frightened out there! It’s cold and it’s damp!
But I need more people to support my position.
I have an idea! I’ll start a petition!”

So Dragon began a “Save Hotdog” thread.
Many people joined in, and all of them said:
“Save Hotdog!” “Save Hotdog!” “Don’t send him away!”
“Save Hotdog!” “Save Hotdog!” “Please hear what we say!”

“Hotdog should be with someone who cares,
Not out in the wild with the wolves and the bears!”
“He’s afraid of the dark!” “He hates being alone!”
“Please let someone buy him and give him a home!”

Melody said, “You people are strange!
We don’t want to sell him, but I will arrange
The raffle this month – the prize is Hotdog!
All of the info is found on my blog.”

She said, “You’ll have a home little Hotdog, don’t fear.”
Pam painted a hotdog and bun on his rear.
They glued in his eye (you can still see the glue)
And said, “OK – let’s see what these lunatics do!”

A photo of Hotdog was put on the blog.
Raffle entries were sent. People waited, agog,
“Whose name will they draw?” “I have fingers crossed tight.”
“Oh, Melody says she’s not picking tonight.”

Then “We have a wiener!” The name Melody drew
Is Clouded_Leopard! Congratulations to you!
No camping for Hotdog, no wild creatures or weather.
Clouded_Leopard and Hotdog – happy together!

7 thoughts on “the epic ballad of HOT DOG

  1. I think it is that all Unicorns smell like Hot Dogs and that is why Dragons love them as food. After all ask any Dragon what there favorite food is, and they will answer Unicorn!

  2. I know it’s been said before, but this needs to be printed SOMEwhere. Maybe include the “Certificate of Insanity” to go along with it?? :bigsmile:

  3. This is as amazing as it is crazy! Great job immortalizing the plight of everybody’s favorite candycorn. 🙂

  4. Truly, the tale of Hot Dog will be entered into the annals of myth and legend.

  5. This truly is a brilliant poem and has elevated little hotdog to mythic proportions. He will be the legend of the Unicorn world!!! Fantastic!

  6. BWA HAHAHA!! I’m in the Ballad of Hotdog!!! XD This is AMAZING!!!!

  7. I get to pass this tale along and tell others I was lucky enough to be alive to witness this saga!

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