The Veligent – page 31

The end! Of chapter one -Ever try drawing a happy castle? Not easy.
The comments (below) are referring to a question I had asked about how and when I should update with more pages.

15 thoughts on “The Veligent – page 31

  1. Why is this page stuck between page 12.5 and page 13?
    Both in terms of the listing on the table of contents and the previous and next page links? (kinda makes it hard to find when you expect it to be at the end. 😉 )

  2. I DON’T KNOW!! ARGH!!!
    I’ve spent a half hour trying to fix it, and it won’t fix. I’ll have to get our web guy to sort it out!!

  3. OK. The page ordering is fixed now.

  4. I’d just post one a week and go easy on yourself. 😉 Plenty of comic artists on the internet do that, any more and you’re really treating your readers (though of course we looove seeing more. XD)

  5. Most web comics only post one page per week. Go with that!

  6. These characters are all pretty adorable. And I figured it’d be some sort of trick question at the end. 😛 As for an update schedule, once a week is fine. You don’t want to run out of your “buffer” pages too fast.

  7. I think we would rather have a regular once a week page than twice a week and then a gap of indefinite length!

    Will there ever be a flashback that shows us what happened to the cello?

  8. The cello incident is part of the first part of the Reptangle story. I may start posting that ( as a prequel) if and when “the Veligent” is complete.
    I am posting this story, “the Veligent”, because it’s the part with poads in it( eventually) so I figure it related more to Windstone.

  9. I like that dirt bug 🙂

  10. His face! That’s so awesome! XD I love all the personality and emotions drawn into the characters. And once a week is fine. 🙂

  11. This is fantastic. I love the storyline, and the underlying hints that there’s so much more in play than we realize. I’ve honestly always been a Fantasy fan, and how you worked some of Windstone’s own creations into this is beautiful.

    I’m looking forward for the second part. Maybe there will be dragons this time? 😀

  12. Hi Melody

    I pick “A”

    Please don’t stress yourself! It’s great to have the pages to look forward to.

  13. I agree…post once a week. I’d much rather you did that, instead of running out of pages.

  14. Always go for Quality, not Quantity.

    A pace that your workload can handle is the best option. Once a week updating is common enoghf that it won’t alienate people, it is also understandable as webcomicing is not your bread and butter job.

  15. Go with option “A” it would be smarter in the long run and give you time to work on the next pages/ chapters.

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