The Veligent – page 30

11 thoughts on “The Veligent – page 30

  1. I love the air carp that is suckering on his head. Plip, spliip.

  2. “… inexplicable air carps…”

  3. Dang . Typo. I’ll fix it tonight!
    There. I fixed it. Thank you!

  4. Air carps: pure win.

  5. “Showed me” should be “shown me”

  6. Um, still not fixed? (inexplicaBLe).

  7. Gah! Uploaded wrong page after fixing!!

  8. Melody, are you editing as you go with the coloring? I know that the “- it did” comment is new and the “you know me too well” is missing? I don’t mean to push, but it seems that you really are fine tuning the story as you go. Could you possibly tag them in some way if the change is intentional? As it is I don’t know whether to post when I see a difference or just sit back and smile at the beauty you are adding to your wonderful story.

    Thank you, again, for sharing this wonderful world with us!


  9. Oh, right. I did change that. I used the other words on the black and white page because I thought they would make the next page more of a surprise. At the time, the next page was two weeks away from being posted! “It did” works better when you can immediately “turn the page” to the finale.
    I have been changing some words, and I should note them, but I forget to.
    I also may be unearthing old typos, because I may be coloring the older versions of these black and white pages in some cases, so I appreciate everyone’s eagle eyes!

  10. Perhaps the word “to” should be added: My point is, Ayon, I am supposed “to” understand all of this…

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