The Veligent – page 118

The Veligent - Page 118
The Veligent - Page 118

computer issues … makes me pull my hair out

7 thoughts on “The Veligent – page 118

  1. A lot of information in a little space! The color is good this week, no green overtones. 🙂
    Panel 3 – should it be “all of us noticed”?
    Panel 4 – it looks as though the first action sound at the far left should be “Yank”, but the Y has been cut off. I can read “scuffle”, what is the third one?

  2. Yeah ! It should be “Yank”..
    Its clink, scuffle and oof
    I couldn’t think of any good sounds for pulling bars off!
    That is the way Berm talks… but probably should be “All’a us noticed”
    I need to go back and remove some of the “them demons”. He says that too often.

  3. I love the detail in that middle panel, and the way things keep twisting and turning…but is that guard by the words “to keep” supposed to be missing his/her face? 🙂

  4. Maybe a missing apostrophe in panel 1 – should givin have a apostrophe in place of the missing final G?

  5. Yeah, I just noticed that!
    I moved the word balloon a bit at the last minute and exposed an unknown soldier!
    I’ll fix it, and other stuff tonight.

  6. after “talkin” too

  7. You need help defying authority?

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