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Black Gothic unicorn

Even in black, this cheerful creature doesn’t look very “Goth”. Looks more like a puppy.
We have cast enough of these guys to do a store batch. These are cast out of the ORIGINAL molds, which are at least ten years old! I am totally amazed that they still work.
We retired these unicorns in the white color in 2001.

The long-missing epoxy master of this sculpture has been found, but not the tooling to make more molds from it yet.(Tooling is what we call the fancy “case” that forms the outside shape of the rubber mold)
These black unicorns have brown glass eyes and long, gold plated pewter horns. His collar is purple ( it looks bright blue on my monitor, but it is violet colored) and is set with nine deep red faceted Swarovski jewels.
He reminds me of a carousel horse.

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  1. I am generally a dragon fan, far preferring dragons over unicorns (though, I have a few of them), but I have always liked the gothic unicorn. I had to have this guy when he came out. He is FANTASTIC!

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