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Bengal Poads

Bengal poads, of course!
I airbrushed about thirty of these chocolate-grey ones so far. . Like a herd of zebras, each one is unique. They have individualized tribal markings on their backs as well as leopard rosette spots on their bodies and rumps. Some of them remind me of the markings cuttlefish have.

What else can I paint like a bengal around here? Our car?

“Poad” is ™ to Melody Pena

6 thoughts on “Bengal Poads

  1. You just made my morning–and my whole week too! I LOVE them!!

    A Bengal unicorn or pegasus would be strange but exotic!

  2. Oh, I want one. Please, please, please say they’ll be available in the store.

  3. They are awesome! Bengal poads rule! Maybe you could paint a bengal OW?

  4. These are absolutely beautiful! They are so different–the bengal coloring works well on them. Can’t wait for these to hit the store! We were in need of some new LP Poads for the store! Hope you paints lots and lots–there is definitely a lot of interest here!

  5. they’re everywhere!!

    how about paint some like the Savannah cats? they have a warmer color palette…

  6. That could be the Windstone Official Vehicle.

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