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We’re very excitied to announce Windstone’s new blog. Our bloggers are inside and outside of the company and will give you a 360 view of all things Windstone! Enjoy!

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  1. Oh this is new..interesting, hmm now I just have to figure out what to blog about…..LOL….Any New Windstones coming out in the near future ?????

  2. I don’t know about the near future… but we had been talking about the Empress before..and I got the impression from Melody that it would be a piece she would like to get out soon as she decides wether to fix the current sculpt or redo it completely…yeah I think that was the holdup.

    I’m also interested in new’s usually what 1-2 new colors a year ? Last year was just Red Fire wasn’t it ?

  3. So.. What exactly does one do on a “blog” that makes it different/better than just our regular old forum?

  4. Hi Pam,
    Melody, John and I also pondered the same question — what to do with Windstone’s blog? How is it different than the Forum. We decided that the Forum is for everyone in the Windstone community. The Windstone blog will be for Melody and John to post their thoughts. (In the past Melody has dropped into the Forum to share her thoughts, but her blog gives her a dedicated space to collect here thoughts.) The “Pendragon” blog is my slate to write on. I am a former newspaper reporter — a business writer — who no longer writes for a publication. But my “news nose” picked up the scent of a great business and personal story when Windstone arrived here in Corvallis. So think of me as Windstone’s imbedded reporter, covering the resurrection of the business from a warehouse full of crates and pallets. Windstone’s move to the Northwest is a make-or-break move, and the outcome is definitely not a foregone conclusion. There is high drama here. In the days to come, I will be posting news reports from the factory floor. Melody and John will post their thoughts on their blogs.

    Pam, YOU ask what can you do with this blog? You can add comments to what Melody, John and I share. You can send me questions and suggest topics that you would like me to investigate as your on-the-job reporter. I am also interested in profiling you and other Windstone afficianados. Who are you? What do you do? What drew you to Melody’s creations? What place does Windstone have in your life? I am as interested in reporting on the Windstone community as the Windstone business.


  5. Yeah I would love to see some new colors too, although I am still working on getting all of the Emperor together..LOL

  6. Oh Hey! I just discovered that I can read and reply to comments! I am a low slearner.

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