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We need our friends !!

(The voting is over for this ! Thank you all so much for your help!! )

HELP!! We need you to rally for Windstone!!
We are applying for a small business grant, in order for our application to be accepted for consideration we need 250 votes for Windstone Editions by the deadline of June 30 2012!

BUT MORE VOTES THAN 250 WILL HELP!! Spread the word to everybody you know who uses facebook!! We need to demonstrate that people support Windstone!

If you have a facebook account you can vote, here is the link to the voting site:
Click the button on right hand side that says ” log in with facebook to
support your community”
Type in Windstone Editions and vote for us!
If you can get your family and friends to vote for us also, we may make it! It will be close!

thank you thank you thank you!!

One thought on “We need our friends !!

  1. I got a handful of people to vote for you!

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