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The winner of the June 2017 raffle

is…Leslie! Congratulations! I will email you and let you choose the poad ™ you would like!

There will be two poads(tm) left over, sooooo….I am going to have another raffle for people who have signed up for my ” Kickstarter Email list” . This is a newsletter I am sending out occasionally about updates to my Kickstarter campaign , to raise funds to print my graphic novel “The Veligent” .

If you would like updates about this, and you haven’t signed up yet , send me an email with the word “kickstarter”  in the subject line. to:

3 thoughts on “The winner of the June 2017 raffle

  1. I am so waiting to get my first poad 🙂 Waiting very patiently 🙂

  2. I have already signed up for it. Will I automatically be put in for the raffle?

  3. Which Poad did Leslie select as her prize?
    I know the really Ruffled Ruffle Butt one isn’t it since that one will be a prize for the Kickstarter Raffle….

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