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Savannah griffins

Griffins are hybrid creatures so it makes sense to paint them like hybrids.
I have been on a hybrid cat theme here, lately. These are “Savannah” griffins. Their markings are inspired by Savannah cats. which are a hybrid breed of fancy cat made by crossing Servals, domestic cats and sometimes other species of cats too. You end up with a huge long legged feline thing that looks really cool, but I bet they tear your house to shreds.. gad, normal domestic kitty cats are bad enough… anyway, I love the way those cats look. Their tan coats have brown spots that shade into darker spots on their white underparts. No, not on their underpants. No dark spots on their underpants. I am trying to be serious here.
These griffins are showing off the new, darker lavender eyes that Jane ,who is our mold maker and now our eye paint mixer, has come up with. Aren’t they cool? You should see the new teal color!

9 thoughts on “Savannah griffins

  1. Those griffins are Gorgeous and those eyes are Fantastic! I look forward to seeing the teal ones and what they’re used for!

  2. Stunning paint job on those griffins, and I love those new eyes MUCH better than the old lavender. Great work, Melody and Jane! =)

  3. Really pretty! I like these AND the Lavender ones.

  4. Great eye color and am also looking forward to seeing what the teal is like.

  5. I would like to see some siamese paints of the griffons….done in dark, violet and flame points.

  6. I really like these guys! Pretty eyes. Not sure how teal would look… teal… the color of gang green (Line from the wedding planner…) Sorry. Just popped in my head. 🙂

  7. Are all these new colored eyes on the gryphons and poads (dark lavender, teal, plum, navy blue) archival?

  8. Awesome, I can’t wait to use more eyes colors. x3 *squeals with an excitement*

  9. Yes, these eyes are archival. They are fired glass paint. This is an archival way to paint eyes but the colors are frustratingly limited!
    Purple an lavender are the hardest to make.

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