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Reptangle button on forum!!!

Well, after years of talking about this, I will finally begin posting part of my graphic novel here, on the Windstone website!
This book, “The Veligent”, is a small bit out of the middle of the Reptangle story. I will have the whole opus finished someday, but for now, this will introduce some of the main characters.

We are still tweaking the “Reptangle” part of this website. Let us know if there are any issues with navigating or viewing the pages.

Most of you folks are grownups, but I need to say that The Veligent has a bit of nudity (nothing more that what is displayed by the “Sea Jewel” sculpture) so, use your parental discretion if this comic is being seen by little kids. If this is a big problem for anyone, just let me know, I can redraw stuff to suit.
Comments about anything are appreciated!

The front cover, inside cover, and page 1 and 2 are up now. I will post page 3 tomorrow, Monday June 4th.

I will be updating faithfully, twice a week, Mondays and Thursdays… if I can remember how to do it…

One thought on “Reptangle button on forum!!!

  1. Oh hooray, Reptangle at last! I am really enjoying what I’ve seen posted so far, particularly the very clever focus on that hoof until the reader suddenly realizes that it’s cloven not solid, and that means . . . !!! And the flying meerkats are absolute scene-stealers, tremendous little characters; the opening scene where they’re talking in emoticons delighted me. Please do post more, I’m on tenterhooks over here! :bigsmile:

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